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#301 : Une nouvelle réalité

Résumé: Après avoir suivi Mélanie à travers les tunnels, la majorité des habitants de la ville ont réussi à sortir du dôme. Chacun peut reprendre le cours de sa vie. Sam est emprisonné pour le meurtre d'Angie, Norrie entre à l'université et Barbie part à l'étranger, ou il fait une rencontre. Un an après, une commémoration en l'honneur des victimes du dôme est organisée. Barbie est de retour à Chester's Mill mais il a le sentiment que quelque chose ne va pas.


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Titre VO
Move On

Titre VF
Une nouvelle réalité

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Plus de détails

Scénario :  Adam Stein
Réalisation :  Peter Leto

Guest stars :

  • Marg Helgenberger : Christine Price
  • Kylie Bunbury : Eva Sinclair
  • Brian Stapf : Mercenary #1
  • Nick McNeil : Mercenary #2
  • Ryan Shams : Last Insurgent
  • Andrew Kochman : Young Junior
  • Megan Glover : Zeta Sister
  • Shelton Grant : Guard

In the tunnels.

Melanie: Follow me. We're going home.

Barbie: What do you mean, going home?

Melanie: It's time to move on.

Melanie disappears.

Barbie: Melanie.

Joe: Barbie. We can't leave Julia.

Barbie: Julia said it was up to me to lead everybody out.

Norrie: So you're just gonna leave her here?

Barbie: She knows that I'm coming back for her… Look, it's like she says. Sometimes you just got to take a leap of faith.
Sam: Into nothingness.

There is a deep rumbling.

Hunter: Looks better than staying in here.

Barbie: All right, let's go. Everybody stick together.

They enters in the light.

Barbie: Joe! Norrie! Melanie!

Melanie: We're going home. It's time to move on. Move on.

They appears outside the dome.

Woman: Where are we?

Man: How did we get here?

Man 2: Where are we?

Woman: Everyone here?

Man: I know.

Man 2: I-I have no idea.

Man: You okay?

Man 2: I'm fine.

Barbie: Hey, where's Melanie?

Joe: I don't know. I-I didn't see her.

Barbie: Did you hear her voice?

There is an high-pitched tone sounding.

Man: What is that?

Norrie: We're outside the dome.

The pink stars are falling in line.

Woman: Look.

Man: Do you see that?

Man 2: It's changing.

Woman: It's… It's going up.

Man 3: Where's it going?

Man 2: It's changing.

MAN: What is it?

Woman: I can't tell.

Man: Take my hand.

There is an explosion an the dome vanishes.

Joe: Oh, my God, it's gone.

Man: You okay?

Barbie: Julia.

Barbie runs to Julia and Junior. Big Jim is dead. Junior and Julia too.

Barbie: Junior. Julia! I'm here. Just like I promised. I came back for you.

One year later, Barbie is on a mission.

Barbie: Hunter, Jawbreaker 2-3, we're less than a klick out.

Hunter: Got you covered, boss. Got a drone over the location, no activity in the surrounding area.

Barbie: All right, on me… Everybody remember we're running a standard exfil protocol. Intel has those hostages guarded by a small group of insurgents… All right, that door's our entrance point. That's where they're holding 'em. There's no one here! Target's a ghost!

Hunter: Yeah, I got ten hostiles coming your way they came out of nowhere.


Barbie: You're good. Catch your breath. Hunter, talk to me!

Hunter: Rooftops are clean.

Barbie: Let me know if that changes! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Now, get down!

Man: I surrender!

Barbie: Get down!

Man: I surrender, okay?! I surrender! Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Barbie: For what?

Man: Aah!

Barbie: Shh, shh. I got six rounds in this magazine. All of 'em are dummies except for one.

Man: Wasn't those.

Barbie: Where's the hostages?

Man: I don't know. I don't know. Aah!

Barbie: I'm only gonna ask you two more times. If you're lucky… Where's the hostages?

Man: I beg you.

Barbie: Last chance.

Man: Okay, okay, okay. I tell you… T Textile factory.

Barbie: Guards.

Man: Five. Six-six… You play games, huh? W-Why, why? I tell you. No!

At the camp.

Man: You got provisions ready to move?

Man 2: Yes, we do, sir.

Man 3: Got two more units heading down, sir.

Man 2: Watch your step, ma'am.

Barbie sees Melanie.

Hunter: Like Steven Seagal in his aptly-titled 1990 classic, you are hard to kill.

Barbie: Oh, trust me, it ain't from lack of trying.

Hunter: I'm glad you're back safe. Drink later?

Barbie: No, man, I'm beat. Another time?

Hunter: Yeah.


Eva: Hey, I don't know how to thank you.

Barbie: Ah, just doing what you hired me to do.

Eva: Yeah, well, hiring you might be the only good decision I've made as operations manager here.

Barbie: Ah, it's a tough job, trying to make the world a safer place. You know, my part's easy. Just stop the bad guys from making your job harder... Occupational hazard… I'm gonna go get cleaned up.

Eva joins Barbie under the shower.

After the shower.

Eva: You want to talk about it?

Barbie: Talk about what?

Eva: Whatever you had to do to save my people, it was worth it.

Barbie: Mm-hmm.

Eva: Dale. You don't have to hide who you are. I want it all, good and bad.

Barbie: You sure about that? Sometimes I don't know what side's gonna come out on top.

Eva: I know… Who's it from?

Barbie: Joe. Again.

Eva: Don't you think that you should text him back?

Barbie: I think we should get some sleep.

Back in the hole near the tunnels.

Barbie: Julia! I'm here. Just like I promised. I came back for you.

Barbie wakes up.

Eva: You were saying her name again.

Barbie: I'm sorry.

Eva: Don't apologize. It was traumatic, what you went through. But you've been having this dream for almost a year now. Maybe it'd be a good idea for you to go back to Chester's Mill for the memorial. So you can move on.

In the tunnels.

Julia: Barbie! Barbie! Where are you?!

Junior: Barbie's not coming back for us.

Julia: He will. You'll see.

Junior: You heard that rumbling. Maybe the tunnels caved in on them. Maybe everyone's…

Julia: Shut up! I don't want to hear it. We need to get across, find out where they are. They can't be far they were just in front of us. If something's wrong, we'll help them.

Junior: All right. How?

Junior helps Julia to get off of the tunnels.

Julia: We can get a ladder at the school. Pick up some flashlights.

Big Jim is gone.

Julia: What is it?

Junior: My father.

Julia: Jim's not the priority right now. We need to get the supplies and get back here, fast.

At school.

Julia: Great. Flares?

Junior: Just in case.

Julia: In case we get lost at sea?

Junior: Let's go.

Big Jim: Cat get stuck up in a tree?

In the hallway.

Big Jim: Should've killed me while you had a chance, Junior.

Julia: Jim, you've got to let us go.

Big Jim: Oh, yeah? Why's that? You got a hair appointment? Them roots are looking a little tired.

Julia: Will you just let us go? If you were gonna kill us, you would've done it already.

Big Jim: Kill you? Who said anything about killing you? We are the only ones left. I may need you… For repopulation. Why'd you need the ladder? I said, "Why did you need the ladder?" Okay. I got nothing but time. It's like that old Twilight Zone episode. Remember? With, uh, Rocky's manager. The Penguin.

Julia: Wh-What's his name?

Big Jim: Um, uh, Meredith. Yeah. And he-he's all alone after the Apocalypse, and all he wants to do is read. And then he breaks his glasses. I mean, talk about a tragedy.

Julia: We need the ladder to get across a rift in the tunnels. That's where everyone went. We need to get across and find them. Find Barbie.

Big Jim: You still believe, don't you? That the dome is good, that that it's here to protect us. If you still believe that, then you're even dumber than the bag of hair I took you for. The dome is here to destroy us. It killed them all. Barbie, all of them they're all dead.

Julia: No. You're wrong. He's alive.

Big Jim frees Julia.

Big Jim: Cut him loose. Go on. You're gonna end up dead as the rest of 'em. This is my town now. What's left of it. And that's the last bit of charity you're gonna get. If by some miracle you make it out alive, you best stay well clear of me. 'Cause if I see either of you two again, I won't be so merciful next time. Go on… Hey, Junior.

He shoots his son.

Big Jim: Now we're even.

Junior: I'm okay.

Barbie, Eva and Hunter comes in Chester’s Mill.

Barbie: Yeah, I don't remember it looking this perfect.

Eva: You okay?

Barbie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Eva: Can we grab a bite somewhere? I'm starving.

Barbie: Yeah, I think I know a place.

At the Sweetbriar.

Woman: Is that Barbie?

Barbie: This place is full. I think we should go somewhere else.

Eva: Anywhere you go, there's gonna be people who want to see you. You might as well face it. And I got to use the facilities.

Hunter: Oh, me, too. Tiny bladder plus a long car ride equals.

Eva: You're not finishing that sentence.


Joe: Barbie!

Barbie: Hey. Joe. It's good to see you, bud.

Joe: Good to see you.

Barbie: Oh, look at you. You're getting taller on me.

Joe: It's been a year.

Barbie: Yeah. I know.

Joe: I was worried you weren't gonna make it back.

Barbie: I'm sorry for going incommunicado. You know, I went overseas and then I-I should've stayed in touch.

Joe: I'm just glad you're here.

Barbie: How you holding up?

Joe: I still think about Angie all the time, especially now - with the memorial and all, but…

Barbie: Mm-hmm.

Joe: Most people lost somebody, right? You lost two people. Julia and Melanie.

Barbie: Uh, so what about college? Did you Have you made any decisions?

Joe: Uh, yeah. Well, um, I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple places.

Barbie: Good.

Ben: The Great Barbini. Welcome back, man.

Barbie: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah. Uh, ready to jam?

Joe: Oh. Yeah. We'll catch up at the memorial, yeah?

Barbie: Yeah. Sounds good.

Joe: Okay.

Barbie: It was good seeing you.

Joe: Yeah, you, too.

They leaves. Ben and Barbie see Melanie.

Melanie is in the tunnels. She watches their lives through a crystal.

Barbie puts flower on the old hole. Ben arrives.

Ben: Whoa. Easy, dude. Didn't mean to spook you.

Barbie: What are you doing out here?

Ben: After what went down at the diner, you know, I thought I'd come and find you.

Barbie: Why? What went down at the diner?

Ben: Aw, come on, man. Don't play. You saw Melanie, too.

Barbie: Melanie's dead.

Ben: Is she? In the tunnels, she says we're going home and then she disappears. Where'd she go?

Barbie: I'm not in the mood to deal with this right now.

Ben: You haven't been here! Ever since that day, ever since the dome disappeared, things have been different, off. Like-like, remember my asthma?

Barbie: To be honest, Ben, I remember very little about you.

Ben: I had asthma! I used to have to carry my inhaler everywhere. Now asthma's gone. My-my uncle worst drunk you ever saw. Clean and sober, like poof. And beyond all that, everyone's acting weird. Everyone's getting along, all kum-bah-yah. Everyone's talking about moving on and whatnot… You saw her, man. I know you saw her.

Barbie: Okay, and what if I did? Why is it just the two of us?

Ben: I don't know! But now I'm off all my meds, and my head is clear for the first time in, like, forever… Come on, man!

Barbie: What? Come on, what? What do you want from me?

Ben: To admit that you see what I see.

Barbie: Okay, what do you see, Ben?

Ben: That none of this is real.

In Jail.

Sam: Hello. My name is Sam, and I'm an alcoholic. I haven't had a drink in just about a year now. And I want to say, it's been a blessing having the support of this group. Before I got here, I wasn't much for what you'd call "group think. " But the 12 steps got me back on the path. Never would have happened if I hadn't got sent here a year ago. Strange to say it, but this place has been good for me… This lawyer got in touch with me recently. He told me there had been some kind of screw-up in the chain of custody with the evidence related to my case. He told me that if we appeal, it's possible we could get a new trial. I could be a free man. But I have to make amends for what I've done. That's the step I got to focus on. Making amends to those I've wronged. And then maybe I can move on.

At college.

Norrie: Is it bad that I'm missing the pin ceremony? I feel like I should be here. And the post-game tomorrow and…

Girl: Nors, there's gonna be so many post-games. And just so you know, if it gets rough at this memorial, if you need to talk about anything, you call me. I'm here for you… All right, little sis. Are you ready for your pin? You're one of us now.

Outside the house.

Carolyn: You got your pin! How does it feel?

Norrie: It feels great.

Carolyn: I think it's just what you needed. Finding your group in college is important. To be part of something that is bigger than yourself. Not to mention, you don't seem so angry anymore. What is it?

Norrie: Joe hasn't been texting me back.

Carolyn: It'll be good for you to see him as friends. Are you questioning your decision?

Norrie: To break things off? No. But I just wish he wasn't being so high school about it. And I wish he could see that it's not so scary, moving on.

Carolyn: That's why it's important for you to go to the memorial. To pay respects to your mother, of course, but also to show Joe, there's a way forward, out of grief. You'll talk to him.

Joe comes back to his house.

Joe: What are you doing in my room?

Christine: Your mother let me in. You've blown off our last few therapy sessions.

Joe: So what? What do I need therapy for anyway? I'm making straight A's, I'm working hard.

Christine: I know you are, which makes me wonder why you'd want to throw all that hard work away. Acceptance letter to Cal Tech. That's the best engineering program in the country. Why haven't you responded yet?

Joe: I'm going to. I-I just I haven't gotten around to it.

Christine: Tell me the truth. Are you reconsidering the plan?

Joe: No. No, I-I I just I've been wondering if this is the best time to leave Chester's Mill. My parents are still dealing…

Christine: Your parents don't need you, Joe… No matter what you do, staying in Chester's Mill won't keep her alive. It's up to you, of course, but I think it's important that you speak at the memorial about Angie. All the feelings that you've repressed since her murder. The sorrow, the guilt. It might help give you the closure that you need and allow you to take the next step… Your sister wouldn't have wanted you to hold yourself back, Joe. She would have wanted you to move on…. Please, just think about it? I'll see you at the memorial.

In the tunnels. Junior and Julia make a bridge on the hole.

Junior: Long way down.

Julia: "Long" doesn't quite cover it.

Junior: I'll go first.

Julia: It's Big Jim's, just in case.

Junior: In case I get challenged to a knife fight?

A butterfly attacks Junior.

Junior: It bit me!

Julia: Keep going.

Junior is on the other side.

Junior: Julia?

There are butterflies everywhere. Julie lets her torch falls. The butterflies attack her. She almost falls but she makes it and comes to the other side. Junior is missing.

Julia: Junior? Junior?

Christine visits Sam in jail.

Sam: Did you speak with him?

Christine: How are you, Sam?

Sam: I'm well. As well as can be expected. Day by day, you know?

Christine: I do. That's good to hear… I haven't spoken to Joe about it, and I know that disappoints you. But the dome coming down, your trial, all the emotions that Joe has kept such a tight lid on it's understandable why he's expressing them now. Try to be patient? What are you thinking?

Sam: That I really want a drink.

Christine: Well, it's good there's not a bar around.

Sam: Oh, you think there's no options in here? You'd be amazed by the options.

Christine: You don't need a drink, Sam. What you need is to forgive yourself.

Sam: I don't know if I can do that… Not if Joe can't forgive me.

Christine: And what if he doesn't? You did a terrible thing, Sam, but that one terrible thing doesn't have to define you. The lawyer that I sent to you he told me that you wouldn't appeal your case. Why?

Sam: Because I deserve to be here.
Christine: You were an EMT before, yes? Well, from my experience, no one goes into that line of work who doesn't have a deep desire to help people, heal people… If you appealed, and you were released, think of all the people that you could affect… You know the memorial's today.

Sam: Of course.

Christine: If you'd spoken to the lawyer, he might have been able to arrange a short furlough.

Sam: I'd never be welcome there.

Christine: Maybe you could write something. Something I could read later. Then at least you'd be a part of the memorial. Perhaps it might help you make amends.

Sam: I need to speak to Joe.

Christine: And you will. But Joe has to be ready to hear you, and I don't think he is just yet. I'm ready when you are.

Big Jim drinks in his house. He shoots pictures of his son.

At the memorial.

Eva: Glad we came?

Barbie: Yeah, I am. It was a good idea.

Christine: Excuse me. Are you Dale Barbara?

Barbie: Yes, ma'am.

Christine: Christine Price. FEMA sent me here after the dome came down.

Barbie: For what?

Christine: I'm a trauma specialist. I help communities recover after, shall we say, stressful events. I tried to reach out to you after I arrived, but it seemed you'd already moved on.

Barbie: I guess I didn't see much of a reason to stick around.

Christine: Well if you ever feel like talking, I'm at your disposal.

Eva: I'm Eva. I'm here with him.

Christine: Eva. Christine.

Hunter: I was here for the stressful events. Does that mean you're at my disposal, too? Christine: Anytime. Oh, almost forgot. Would you care to say a few words today about Julia Shumway?

Barbie: Y-You know, I'm not really much for, uh for public speaking.

Christine: All right.

Barbie receives a text from Ben.

In the tunnels.

Melanie: I wish you wouldn't do that.

Ben leaves his house.

At the memorial.

Norrie: Joe… I've been trying to get in touch with you.

Joe: Why? I thought you were all about getting some distance or whatever.

Norrie: That doesn't mean I don't still care about you.

Joe: They asked me to talk about Angie.

Norrie: Are you going to?

Joe: I don't know. I don't know what to say except that she was a good sister. She could be tough, but she looked out for me. I just wish I could have looked out for her.

Big Jim watches an old family video.

Big Jim: Jump, Junior!

Junior: I can't!

Big Jim: Yes, you can! Stop being a fraidy cat!

Big Jim: Be a man!

Big Jim: Be a man.

Junior: Dad, I want to get down!

Big Jim: You don't jump, you don't come home tonight!

Junior: Dad, where are you going? Come back! Don't leave me here!

Big Jim shoots his TV.

Big Jim: Nothing good on television these days, anyway.

In the tunnels, Junior fights with the butterflies.

Julia: Junior! Junior!

Junior: Hey! Hey! Over here, you bastards.

He falls and knock himself.

Julia: Junior?

At the memorial.

Christine: A year ago, the people of this town were delivered from the dome. But some of you, many of you, also suffered a great loss. Of friends. Of family. After a shared tragedy, there's nothing that provides more consolation than a sense of community. Those lives will never be forgotten, and their memory will be preserved in an eternal flame here at the monument. A memorial is about moving forward, moving on, together. To that effect, I'd like to read a brief epigraph from someone who couldn't be here today. "Make a way in the wilderness, and do not remember the former things or consider the things of old. For when you walk through fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you." Is there anyone who would care to speak first?

Joe: Uh, I wasn't planning on saying anything today, but a lot of you knew my sister, Angie McAlister. Some of you knew her as a waitress at the Sweetbriar. Some of you knew her as a volunteer down at the clinic. Me I just always knew her. And she was so full of life, you know? It's hard to accept that that she's gone, to say good-bye, to lose someone that you love the most. And it's hard to move on, but I'm trying.

Barbie: I don't know what to Joe here, he was one of the first people that I met when I came to Chester's Mill. I was a stranger to him, to all of you. He made me feel like I belonged. First time I felt that in a long time. The people of Chester's Mill opened their hearts to me. And that, I think, allowed me to open mine.
Ben arrive, Melanie sees it.

Barbie: Especially to a woman named Julia Shumway. What can I say about Julia? She was the bravest woman I ever met. She was endlessly curious. She was, quite possibly, the most stubborn individual to walk this earth in its four billion or so years. She was loyal. She always had your back. Always rooting for the underdog. And she couldn't help it. She just She never lost her faith in the basic goodness of humanity. Like Christine here said, even though Julia and-and many of your own loved ones are gone they'll never be forgotten. I think it's important to learn that we can both remember and move on at the same time.

Ben collapses.

Norrie: Ben! Somebody help him!

Barbie: Ben!

Man: I'll call 911.

Man 2: Is he okay?

Woman: Is there a doctor here?

Norrie: Someone call an ambulance.

Joe: Where's his inhaler? Why doesn't he have it?

Barbie: He's choking on something.

In the tunnels, Melanie strangles Ben.

At the memorial.

Barbie: Ben! Come on, man! Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

In the tunnels.

Melanie: It's time to move on.

At the memorial.

Joe: Come on, Ben!

In the tunnels.

Melanie: I'm sorry.

Julia finds the cocoon.

Julia: Oh, my God.

Melanie finds Junior.

Julia figures that the people of Chester’s Mill are in the cocoons.

Julia: Joe… Sam… Norrie.

She finds Barbie.

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