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#213 : Exodus


Résumé :
Tandis que les murs se referment sur ceux qui sont toujours coincés à Chester's Mill, une possible issue hors du dôme est révelée.


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Scénario :  Caitlin Parrish & Cathryn Humphris
Réalisation : Jack Bender


Guest stars

  • Estes Tarver : Tom Tilden
  • Max Erich: Hunter

Near the hole, into the woods.

Junior: We have to go after Melanie.

Sam: It's too dangerous. No one's going anywhere.

Julia: Can you see anything?

Barbie: No.

Norrie: My God! There's another earthquake.

Sam: Where do you think the crater leads?

Joe: Maybe it's another tunnel, like at the school. It could lead to Zenith.

Norrie: Yeah, or somewhere else. Anywhere but here would be great.

Barbie: We've got to check it out. But we've got to do it right... Not risking anyone else's life.


Big Jim: Help me! Help!

Sam: Pauline, Pauline! Lay her down on her side, gently. Hunter, I need your shirt.

Barbie: What happened?

Big Jim: Lyle. Lyle stabbed her.

Julia: Where is he now?

Big Jim: He's dead.

Hunter: Here.

Big Jim: I tried to stop the bleeding.

Sam: All our medical supplies are at the school.

Big Jim: Well, let's get there now.

Barbie: The Prius is at the edge of the woods. Let's go!

Pauline: Julia.

Julia: I'm right here.

Pauline: After I was stabbed, I had a vision. The dome chose you. But... You're not alone... There's someone else, but I can't see his face. He... He doesn't know he's the one.

The Prius arrives.

Barbie: Come on, get a stretcher! Let's get this underneath her.

Sam: Got to keep pressure on this wound. Rebecca, you're coming with us.

Julia: Okay, okay.

Barbie: Yeah. Yeah. Ready?

Big Jim: You're gonna be okay.

Barbie: Come on.

Sam: One, two, three... Up! Keep breathing.

They takes Pauline away.

Norrie: What's happening?

Barbie: The walls are getting closer.

Joe: The dome's a sphere, it's contracting horizontally and vertically... I think it's shutting down. Everything inside's going haywire.

Barbie: Yeah, we've got to get some gear, so we can explore this crater.

Tom calls for help.

Tom: Help! We need help!

Joe: It's near the Tilden farm.

Barbie: I thought we got everybody in the middle of town.

Julia: Tom must have gone back for something.

Barbie: Hey, keep an eye on Hunter. Don't do anything stupid.

Barbie and Julia runs on their side. Joe leaves too, Norrie and Hunter follow him.

Norrie: Wait, where are you going?

Joe: We need to get a tablet.

Hunter: What for?

Joe: When this thing opened, it might have created a new crack in the dome, which means we may be able to get a Wi-Fi signal.

Hunter: Maybe we can get a message to the Hounds of Diana.

Norrie: If the Hounds tell us that Melanie's in Zenith, that means the crater's our way out.

Julia and Barbie runs to Tom’s farm.

Aidan: Help! Help!

Barbie: What happened?

Tom: The shaking! It fell! It's crushing my leg!

Aidan: Help my dad!

Tom: Get him, get my son out of here.

Aidan: Please... No, I need to help!

Tom: Go with Julia, son.

Aidan: You're coming with us!

Julia: Tom, I'll look after him.

Barbie: Get him out of... Let's try this.

Tom: Buddy, go with Julia.

Aidan: I'm not leaving without you, Dad.

Julia: We're gonna help him, all right?

Barbie: I'll try again.

A lightening hits Tom. They leave.

Barbie: Go! Get out! Go! Get out!

Aidan: No, Dad, no!

Barbie: Go, go!

Aidan: No, Dad! Dad, no! No!

Barbie: I think Joe's right, that the dome's shutting down. I'm guessing we've got a few more hours.

Aidan: No! Dad, no!

Barbie: Come on, buddy.

Aidan: Dad!

Barbie: I know, buddy.

Rebecca, Big Jim, Pauline, Junior and Sam enters in a classroom.

Big Jim: Let's go, come on, guys.

Sam: Get as much gauze as you can find. Put over here! Put over here!

Rebecca: l Her abdomen's rigid... She's bleeding internally.

Sam: Lyle might have lacerated an organ. Kidney, maybe, or her liver.

Big Jim: Sam, I know you can help. Do something, all right?

Sam: She's gonna need surgery to stop the bleeding.

Big Jim: Well, then, operate. Do whatever...

Sam: I'm not a surgeon! And we don't have anesthesia or equipment. I can't even tell which organ is injured without an MRI.

Big Jim: Listen, there is an answer... Find it!

Junior: Please, you have to help her.

Sam: I'm doing everything I can.

At the crater.

Hunter: No signal. I'm sorry. It was a good idea, though.

Norrie: So, the crater didn't create a crack in the dome, and there's no new tunnel.

Joe: Maybe it did, but somebody's blocking the signal.

Norrie: Yeah, or maybe it's just a giant, killer suckhole. We're literally hours from being crushed to death. Maybe I should just go find my mom, and spend my last few hours with her, instead of trying to convince myself that whoever or whatever controls this dumb dome... Even gives a crap about any of us.

Joe: Norrie, I need you here with me, okay?

Hunter: Hey. Hey, wh-what are you doing?

Joe: Plan B.

Norrie: Joe, you're not going down there.

Joe: This is my town... Yours, too, now. If we don't do anything, we all die. If we explore the crater, then we might be able to find a way to save everyone.

Norrie: He's right. We know the dome better than anyone.

At school.

Big Jim: You're okay, Pauline.

Pauline: What happened?

Big Jim: Lyle tried to take you away from me. He stabbed you. But he's dead now. Everything's gonna be okay, I promise.

Junior: Can we give her something for the pain?

Sam: We've got morphine. Just ten milligrams, okay?

Sam: Jim.

Big Jim: Yeah.

Sam: We should talk.

Big Jim: Okay, I'll be right back.


Big Jim: She looks good... On the mend.

Sam: The internal damage is too massive to control without surgery.

Big Jim: So, do something else.

Sam: I can keep her as comfortable as possible, but there is nothing I can do to stop her from bleeding out.

Junior: What are you saying, that she's gonna die?

Sam: If there was something else... Anything, I would do it.

Big Jim: I don't accept that. Pauline came back to save us, not bleed out in front of her son… The dome won't let her die. This is just another test. My family, my wife... We were chosen.

Junior: We've got to get Mom back to the crater. Melanie didn't just disappear into thin air. It must lead somewhere.

Sam: I hope it does, Junior, but Pauline's injuries are too severe. If we move her, it will accelerate the bleeding.

Big Jim: Well, tell me what we can do.

Sam: She needs fluids.

Big Jim: Where do I get saline?

Sam: The clinic?

Big Jim: I'll find it.

In the new tunnel.

Norrie: It is another tunnel.

Joe: But it's different than the one underneath the school.

Norrie: What are those things?

Joe: I don't know, but they're cool.

Hunter: Yeah, and kind of terrifying.

Norrie: All right, let's do this.

Joe: I hope we can find Melanie down here.

Norrie: Careful.

Joe: Come on.

At school.

Junior: You okay, Mom?

Pauline: Just a little pain.

Junior: Can we give her... Some more morphine?

Rebecca: We don't want to give her an overdose.

Pauline: Junior, it's okay.

Junior: Dad's coming back. Okay? And we're gonna fix you up... Just like Melanie.

Pauline: Do you think she's okay? That she made it out?

Junior: Anything's possible.

Pauline: My brushes and canvas.

Junior: What do you mean?

Pauline: Maybe I can paint the way out… Junior, it's important. Now go get them. James. We've been through so much. I got to see my sweet, sweet boy become a man.

Junior: I love you, Mom.

Pauline: I love you... Forever.

Junior leaves.

Pauline: What you said to Junior...

Rebecca: It sounded like a good-bye.

Pauline: We both know the truth. I'm not going to make it.

Rebecca: We just have to get you stable. If the crater's a way out, we'll take you.

Pauline: No. The dome's done with me. I saw my own death.

Rebecca: Pauline.

Pauline: All that matters is Junior. That he survives. And Jim won't let me go. I don't want that.

Rebecca: What are you saying?

Pauline: Let me go peacefully. Becky, help me. Please.

On the way to school.

Julia: I think you were supposed to be here for this.

Barbie: I don't know about that. I've still got to go grab that gear, get back to the crater, figure out what's down there.

Julia: We should split up. I'll take Aidan back to the high school, while you head back.

Barbie: Well, wait for me at the school. All right? Grab a walkie from Sam. I'll be in touch.

Barbie leaves.

Julia: All right, honey, we're gonna head this way, okay?

In the new tunnel.

Joe: What do we do about this fork?

Norrie: Which way?

Joe: I have no idea.

Norrie: Joe, look.

Joe: I think we just made our decision.

Hunter: How long do you think the crater's gonna stay open?

Joe: I-I don't know. Not long. We've got to tell Barbie there might be a way out.

They run.

Joe: Come on ! Norrie ! Come on! Jump! Come on ! Let’s go !

Barbie arrives to the hole.

Barbie: Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Hunter: We went down.

Barbie: Yeah, I-I see that. What part of "Don't do anything stupid" did you not understand?

Norrie: Don't be . We couldn't wait. We found more tunnels.

Joe: There was a Monarch down there, too. It-it showed us a path... With a light at the end.

Barbie: Did you see where it goes?

Joe: We had to get out, things are shaky down there. The passage may not be open for long.

Norrie: But it goes somewhere. And, like I said before, anywhere's better than here.

Hunter: It doesn't look like your dad's showing up with the egg anytime soon.

Barbie: The time between its contractions is getting shorter. And the dome's making the weather worse. All right, well, we're going down the crater. It's our only shot. Julia! I think we got another chance. This might be the way out of here.

At school.

Julia: Thanks… Sam. Rebecca. The crater could be the way out. We've got to gather the town.

Rebecca: Okay, well, most everyone's either here, at the Sweetbriar, or the church.

Julia: All right, well, round them up. We've got to get everybody to the woods.

Sam: How?

Julia: School buses. They run on diesel. There's a whole fleet. Got to be fuel left in some of them.

Sam: I'll check it out. Round up the wounded... We'll get them on first.

Julia: All right, anyone who can't fit on the buses will just walk.

At the clinic.

Andrea: Jim, what are you doing here?

Big Jim: I'm looking for saline, someone's hurt.

Andrea: W-Well, didn't you hear the plan? We're leaving. Everyone.

Big Jim: Did you find any saline?

Andrea: No, leave it. We have to round everyone up. Julia said there isn't much time.

Big Jim: Listen, if I don't find that saline, my wife dies! I knew it! Like it was waiting for me!

At school.

Joe: Hey. Your mom's here. Julia wants our help loading up the buses. What's wrong?

Norrie: Do you really think we're gonna get out?

Joe: I mean, the tunnels are freaky, but, yeah, we'll make it.

Norrie: It's not the tunnels. It's what's after that. Am I just supposed to go back to my life in California? Without my mom? How can I go and just leave her here?

Joe: Hey, she's not here. Neither is Angie. They might be buried in Chester's Mill, but they'll always be with us.

Norrie: Do you know why I was going to boot camp? Why I'm here in the first place?

Joe: I assumed you got into some kind of trouble.

Norrie: I punched some stupid girl in the mouth and knocked her tooth out. And all she did was make fun of my hair. It's just so... Stupid to think how much I cared. If I had just ignored her...

Joe: No, the dome wanted you here. It would have found another way.

Norrie: I don't care what the dome wanted. Because I just want my mom.

Joe: Sometimes I think, on Dome Day, if Angie and I just went to brunch with my mom... But then I never would have met you.

Norrie: My mom told me before she died to be brave. And I just don't feel brave right now.

Joe: Look, I don't know what's gonna happen, but, whatever's out there, we're gonna face it together.

Norrie: Okay.

Junior enters in his mother’s studio and takes her pencils and paint. He sees her last paint.

Junior: No.No.

At school.

Rebecca: Pauline, there's news. The passage you opened... We're evacuating everyone through it. So, if-if you can just hold on, we can try and get you to a doctor.

Pauline: I won't make it. I'll only slow down the people I love.

Rebecca: It's just a little longer. You can do it.

Pauline: No, this is what the dome wants. I paid for my sins. For once, I'll be able to sleep without dreaming.

Rebecca: No, there's hope now. We're only getting out because of you.

Pauline: Good. Junior will be safe. Aah. This is so much pain. Please... Be kind. Please. Sweet girl. Sweet girl.

Rebecca decides to gives Pauline morphine.

People get in the bus.

Julia: Can you help me and make sure everyone has a seat?

Aidan: Yeah, okay.

Julia: Thanks, Aidan.

Barbie: Rain. If it wasn't enough of a mess already.

Julia: The dome's contractions must be messing with the weather patterns... Or something.


Norrie: No!

Carolyn: Come with me now.

Norrie: I told you a hundred times, I need to stay here. I'm one of the four hands, mom. I have to help.

Carolyn: I'm not asking you, Eleanor.

Barbie: Hey, hey, hey. Norrie, do me a favour, okay? Get on this first bus, I'm really gonna need your help once we get to that crater.

Norrie: Okay.

Barbie: Thank you… Okay, come on. Julia! Have you seen Andrea?

Julia: She's getting supplies. She's gonna meet us at the crater.

The rain stops.

Barbie: All right, don't stop. Let's go! Keep moving. Load up! eep moving… Hey, where's Pauline?

Sam: She's still inside. We're waiting for Jim to get back from the clinic.

Julia: Well, he'd better hurry with that saline. How is your sister?

Big Jim: Let me through! I got the saline. Got it, come on.

Sam: We've got to hurry. Let's go.

Barbie: Do what you can for Pauline, and then let's go.

Sam: I'll see you soon.

In a classroom.

Big Jim: Baby, I got it for ya. I found the stuff you need. I told you the dome was looking after us. Pauline, I'm back, honey.

Pauline: Jim, my pain is gone.

Big Jim: That's good. That's good, that's real good. I told you it's gonna be okay.

Pauline: I know you love me. I'm sorry.

Big Jim: You don't need to be sorry. You don't need to be sorry.

Sam: Pauline? Look at me.

Big Jim: What's wrong?

Sam: Her pulse is dropping.

Pauline: Take care of Junior.

Big Jim: Pauline...

Pauline: I love you all...

Big Jim: I just got you back.

Big Jim understands that Rebecca kills Pauline.

Big Jim: You did this.

Rebecca: She said it was what the dome wanted. She begged me.

Big Jim: You always have the solutions, don't you?

Rebecca: It was a kind thing to do. I'm sorry.

Big Jim: Always got something in your... In your back pocket for every emergency.

Rebecca: It was her last request.

Big Jim: Now you can kill? When it's my wife?

Sam: Jim, if Pauline thought... That this is what the dome wanted...

Big Jim: The dome wanted my family together. And you got in the way.

Sam: Walk away, Jim. Go find Junior, and get him out of here.

Big Jim knocks out Sam.

Big Jim: I'll miss my wife forever. No one's gonna miss you.

He kills Rebecca.

Junior enters in the classroom.

Junior: Mom? Mom! Mom! My God. Sam. You ok? Get up. What happened?

Sam: No. No!

Junior: Where's Mom?

Sam: She's gone.

Junior: What do you mean?

Sam: Pauline asked Rebecca to help her... End her life. She was in so much pain. Jim went after Rebecca.

Sam: I tried to stop him, I couldn't. I'm so sorry, Junior.

Junior: Mom was starting to say good-bye. I should have known.

Sam: We've got to find your dad... He's gone crazy. We've got to talk him down.

Junior: Why would I do that? There's no talking to him, there's only dealing with him.

At Pauline’s studio.

Big Jim: Why'd you paint that, Pauline? I wish you hadn't.

He destroys Pauline last painting.

Big Jim: Dome... I'll make you a deal. If you bring her back right now... I won't murder every single one of your special little friends. I won't slit Julia's throat, shoot Barbie in the heart, or burn those kids alive. Okay? You got three seconds… Okay then… I'm gonna free you from all this. So you can go right through that dome wall. And it's gonna regret what it did to us… I promise.

Big Jim burns Pauline’s studio.

Everybody is near the hole.

Barbie: This is the same plan that we had before. We're all gonna break up into small groups, keeping your family with you. We will call you forward one-by-one and get you down. Once your entire group is down, Joe and Norrie, here, will guide you into...

Man: How do you know this is safe?

Barbie: I know because I've done it before. And, look, I know you're all scared. Okay? I-I-I know that I'm a stranger. But for the last two weeks, we have fought together for the survival of this town. But, right now, I need you to trust me. 'Cause we don't have another choice. If we stay here, we die. Now, come on! Let's get out of here! Carolyn, listen... I need you to go down with me, okay? Help me keep everyone calm… Julia, Hunter. Hey, can I get you guys to stay at the top here? All right? Keep everything orderly. Make sure we don't leave anyone behind. Am I forgetting anything?

Julia: No. You're doing exactly what you're supposed to.

Barbie: I love you.

Julia: I love you, too.

Barbie: All right, you guys ready? Let's do it.

They get down in the hole.

Barbie: All right, everybody... Group one, stick with me. Just stay calm, all right? We're gonna be fine. Let's go… Hold on, hold on.

Joe: It's okay, guys... We've been here before. There's no need to be afraid.

Barbie: Careful. All right, Carolyn.

Joe: Watch out! Crack's getting wider… You okay?

Norrie: Yeah.

Barbie: All right. Everybody watch your step, all right? We'll help you cross.

At the top of the hole.

Sam: Okay, how are we doing?

Julia: Most folks are accounted for.

Andrea: Julia, please be there.

Julia: Andrea? What's wrong? Where are you?

Andrea: I'm at my house. I need help, I... God!

Julia: Andrea? Andrea!

At Andrea’s home.

Julia: Andrea. Andrea?

Julia takes a baseball bat.

Julia: Andrea?

Andrea: In here.

Big Jim: I knew you'd come running. Put the bat down.

Sam: Julia, come in.

Big Jim: Less is more.

Sam: Julia?

Julia: Hey, Sam. What do you need?

Sam: You okay?

Julia: Yeah, I'm just helping Andrea. We're headed back now.

Sam: Junior and I are at the crater with Hunter. Listen, you should know, um... Pauline is dead. And Jim killed Rebecca. He's out there somewhere.

Julia: Got to go now, Sam… What are you doing, Jim?

Big Jim: Payback.

Andrea: Against me? What did I ever do, except be your neighbour and friend?

Big Jim: It's not about you, honey.

Big Jim kills Andrea.

Big Jim: Sam forgot to mention that Rebecca murdered Pauline. Yeah. I gave the dome a chance to return her to me, but it declined. Which is bad for you.

Julia: Killing me... Won't bring Pauline back.

Big Jim: Yeah, but it might ruin some of the dome's plans. And that's good enough.

Julia: Andrea was your friend.

Big Jim: Yeah, I know. That's why I killed her quick. You don't get that privilege.

Big Jim attacks Julia.

Julia: Do you know why the dome didn't bring Pauline back? Because you're a joke. 'Cause the dome doesn't make deals with insects like you. Even your wife knew you were meaningless.

Big Jim: I'm gonna like you a lot better with your mouth broken.

Julia stabs Big Jim’s foot then runs away.

In the tunnel.

Barbie: All right, everybody. Come on. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward, you'll catch up with the next group. All right? Let's go. Everything's gonna be fine. All right, Julia... How many we got left?

Hunter: Only a few... I'm sending them down now.

Barbie: Where's Julia?

Hunter: She left to help a friend.

Barbie: Where is she right now?

Hunter: I don't know... She's not answering her walkie.

Julia runs into the woods. Big Jim shoots on her.

Junior: Julia!

Julia: Here!

Sam: Are you okay?

Julia: Jim killed Andrea, he's behind me.

Sam: Junior.

Junior: Go without me.

Sam: No, no. I'm not gonna let you go alone.

Junior: I said... Go!

Junior leaves.

Sam: Put your arm around me.

Junior finds Big Jim.

Big Jim: What are you doing, son?

Junior: I'm not your son anymore. I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else.

Big Jim: How you gonna do that?

Junior: You're not leaving this town.

Big Jim: You don't tell me what to do. Not you. Not the dome. This is my town, little boy.

Junior shoots his father in the shoulder.

Junior: Enjoy what's left of it.

Sam brings Julia to the tunnel.

Barbie: God. You made it… What happened?

Sam: Jim.

Barbie: Where is he?

Julia: Barbie, there's no time. Junior's taking care of it. Jim's not getting down here.

Barbie: All right. I'll take her. Let's go.

Julia: Can you take Aidan up ahead? You just go on, all right? I'll be right behind you.

Aidan: Okay.

Sam: Come on.

Barbie: Hunter, go up front with Joe and Norrie. Tell them to move out. All right?

Hunter: Okay.

Barbie: We'll catch up. Nice and slow.

Junior runs. Big Jim walks.

Big Jim: Junior!

In the tunnel.

Barbie: All right. You're gonna have to jump. Think you can do it?

Julia: Yeah, I can make it.

Barbie: I'll get across and I'll give you a hand… All right. Come on. Step up, give me your hand.

Julia: Okay.

The hole grows.

Julia: I can't make it.

Barbie: No, there's got to be another way. I'm not leaving you here.

Julia: You don't have a choice. The town needs your help, and fast... Before the tunnels cave in on them.

Barbie: The dome chose you.

Julia: Barbie, listen to me. Pauline had a vision of someone guiding everyone out of the dome. She didn't see his face, but it's you.

Barbie: But everything we've done for this town, we've done together.

Julia: It's okay. The dome has gotten us this far. I have faith... That if you do what it's asking... It will protect me.

Barbie: I'm coming back for you.

Julia: I know.

Junior runs to the hole and gets down, his father follows him.

Big Jim: Junior! Junior, you can't leave me!

The hole is covered with tree.

Big Jim: Junior!

In the tunnel.

Sam: Barbie, where's Julia?

Barbie: She's coming. She sent me up ahead. Why's everybody stopped?

Carolyn: Nobody knows which way to go.

Norrie: Barbie, we need to go this way. We saw the butterfly go down there. I think it's a sign. Both Joe and I do.

Barbie: All right, this is the way. Okay? Everybody follow me.

Junior joins Julia.

Junior: What happened?

Julia: Barbie went ahead, he'll come back for us. Then we'll figure out a way across.

They find monarchs. The butterflies flies away. It’s a dead-end.

Norrie: No, this can't be all that's there. It can't be.

Carolyn: Is this a cave in?

Joe: Barbie, what do we do now?

Barbie: I don't... I don't know.

Norrie: We didn't come all this way for a dead end. Screw you! Can you hear me?! Whoever you are controlling all of this, can you just talk to us and tell us what's going on?!

The last monarch lays on the wall, Barbie touch it and the wall falls.

Joe: How did you...?

Barbie: I have no idea.

Joe: What's that noise?

Melanie appears in the light.

Barbie: Melanie?

Melanie: Follow me. We're going home.

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