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#210 : Energie négative


Résumé: Big Jim découvre la vérité sur la "mort" de sa femme Pauline, lorsqu'ils sont de nouveau réunis. Entre temps, le changement climatique devient une nouvelle menace.


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Titre VO
The Fall

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Energie négative

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Scénario :  Alexandra McNelly & Marl Linehan Bruner
Réalisation :  Eriq LaSalle

Guest stars

  • Estes Tarver: Tom Tilden
  • Max Erich: Hunter
  • Britt Robertson : Angie McAlister

In Junior’s bedroom.

Big Jim: Pauline?

Pauline: It's me.

Big Jim: That's impossible. You... What are you doing here? Did the dome send you? Like Linda and Dodee to torment me?

Pauline: What? No, Jim. It's really me.

Big Jim: No, no. No. You died. You died nine years ago.

Pauline: I was never dead.

Big Jim: You drove your car into a tree. I... I saw the wreck. I read the report. I picked out your casket.

Pauline: I was never inside the car. It was a cadaver. Lester Coggins helped me. And Lyle, too. He knew what to use to make the car burn so that there would be nothing left. It was the only way!

Big Jim: The only way for what?

Pauline: It was the only way to get out of Chester's Mill! I told you about my visions. You saw my paintings. I knew something terrible was coming.

Big Jim: So you ran away and left me and Junior?

Pauline: To protect my family. I thought the dome would follow me. And you would never let me go!

Big Jim: You're gonna stand here in your son's room and make excuses to me?

Pauline: Stop it.

Big Jim: You destroyed him, Pauline. You destroyed your own son.

Pauline: Stop.

Big Jim: For all these years, I thought it was my fault.

Pauline: Jim... Jim? I came back. Jim, I came back!

Julia meets Rebecca in the street.

Julia: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey. Look at this. See anything strange?

Julia: Its leaves have turned. Like it's fall. Except it's summer.

Rebecca: The temperature's dropped in the last two days. This is an oak. One of the first to change.

Julia: Any idea why this is happening?

Rebecca: Somehow the dome is accelerating the seasons. Normally, fall's my favourite. Book by the fire, nice glass of pinot, but... This is just odd.

Julia: Oh, my God!

Rebecca: Julia? Julia?

Julia hugs Barbie.

Julia: You came back.

Barbie: I did. I'm gonna get everybody out.

Julia: What happened? How are you here?

They kiss.

Rebecca: Barbie, how the hell did you get back?

Barbie: Let's do this inside. It's freezing.

At Angie’s apartment.

Norrie: Since when did it become Alaska in here?

Joe: No kidding. And, uh... Melanie's not here. Junior either. We have the whole place to ourselves. Better keep each other warm.

Norrie: Wait. Melanie hasn't been here in, like, a day.

Joe: She's probably at Julia's. Or out doing Jane Fonda exercises, whatever people did in the '80s. Oh, come back.

Norrie: Oh, my God, Joe. The egg is gone.

Joe: What? You think she took it?

Norrie: The way she protects that thing, I bet she did.

Joe: Come on, let's go find her.

In the shelter.

Melanie: Junior? Oh. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Junior: It's okay.

Melanie: I should go. Julia might be worried.

Junior: I shouldn't have let us fall asleep.

Melanie: If she's mad I didn't come home, I'll just blame it on you. Tell her you locked me up down here.

Junior: What?

Melanie: I-I was just kidding. Um... You're sure the egg's safe down here?

Junior: Uh, this place is built to withstand nuclear bombs. It's the safest place in town.

Melanie: Well... I guess I'll see you later.

Junior: Uh, yes. See you later.

Melanie kisses Junior then she leaves.

Angie: Junior!

Junior: Angie?

Angie: Think about what you're doing.

Junior: With her down here? It-it's not what you think.

Angie: You're gonna want to follow your heart. Don't.

Junior: I-I don't know what you mean.

Melanie: Junior? Did you say something?

Junior: No.

Melanie: Okay. Bye.

Junior: Bye… Angie? Angie?

At Julia’s house.

Rebecca: So you jump off an underground cliff and somehow land all the way in Zenith?

Julia: Where you wake up on a playground.

Barbie: It surprised the hell out of me, too. But the same thing happened to Sam and Lyle.

Rebecca: And you feel okay? No physical injuries or-or psychological disturbances?

Barbie: The way there was a blur, but... But I woke up, I was fine. The way back... I had this memory from a long time ago.

Julia: What?

Barbie: It was just something from when I was a kid.

Rebecca: How'd the others fare?

Barbie: Well, Lyle... He didn't come up out of the water with the rest of us.

Julia: Is he dead?

Barbie: I don't know. You know, maybe he came up first. He drowned.

Rebecca: Or maybe he's trapped somewhere in between.

Barbie: I don't know. What matters is that we can use that cliff to get everybody out of here. But we need a plan. Last thing we want is a stampede.

Rebecca: Let's start with the people we trust. I will walkie Tom and Andrea.

Barbie: Have them meet us at the Sweetbriar in an hour.

Rebecca: All right.

Rebecca leaves.

Julia: There's finally a way out. And I don't know if we should take it.

In the street.

Sam: Melanie!

Melanie: Sam? How are you alive?

Sam: I survived the fall. Listen, I'm not back to hurt anyone. Especially you.

Melanie: You killed me...

Sam: I didn't push you into the crater that night.

Melanie: So, it was Lyle?

Sam: Yes. I helped bury you. We all did. And then we ran. And I've regretted it every day since.

Melanie: Imagine if you'd trusted me, and protected the egg. Maybe none of this would've happened.

Sam: Maybe the dome wouldn't have come down. Maybe no one would've died. Melanie? I am so sorry... Melanie. For everything. I have a lot of unfinished business. And I figured this might be my only chance.

Melanie: You never know how many chances you're gonna get.

At Pauline’s studio.

Pauline: Jim, what are you doing?

Big Jim: I was just thinking. About us.

Pauline: I thought maybe I'd find Junior out here. It's exactly as it was the day I left.

Big Jim: It was my way of keeping you alive. I used to come out here and... Stare at these and try to figure out what made you so...

Pauline: Crazy?

Big Jim: Tormented. Where were you, Pauline? How did you get inside the dome?

Pauline: Through a cellar door on Barbie's family property in Zenith.

Big Jim: Barbie? You saw Dale Barbara in Zenith?

Pauline: Fate, I guess. He came back with me. And Sam. And a former student of mine. And Lyle. Except Lyle didn't make it.

Big Jim: I'm sorry to hear that. But why would you want... To come here?

Pauline: For Junior… And you. I shouldn't have run like that. Whatever my reasons, I was wrong.

Big Jim: No, you weren't. You were right. About the pink stars falling, about the dome, about everything. All of it. I wasn't a good man back then. I know that. I didn't listen, I kept pushing you away. But the dome has shown me things, a new way to be. And now it's brought you back to me. Pauline, I can... I can prove to you that I've changed.

Pauline: Jim, I-I don't know.

Big Jim: You loved me once before, didn't you?

Pauline: Yes. Very much.

Big Jim: Well, then we can be a family again. I'm gonna lead everyone out of here. And when it's over, when you and me and Junior are out... We'll be together.

In Julia’s kitchen.

Julia: I have always believed that the dome is here to protect us. What if it still is?

Barbie: Maybe it started out that way, okay? But there's barely any food left. You got no medical supplies. Now, all of a sudden, it's getting colder by the hour.

Julia: I realize that. But Lyle didn't make it. I mean, if these people die getting out, that's on us.

Barbie: What I know is: we stay here, we die here.

Julia: And what's waiting in Zenith? The playground is under surveillance. You were interrogated, beaten.

Barbie: That's because they wanted the egg. So I say this: "Let's give it to 'em." My dad sent that video, right? He's behind this whole thing. So my thinking is, if we give him what he wants, maybe they leave us alone.

Julia: So... We leverage the egg.

Barbie: I go first and I tell them that it's theirs, so long as they let the whole town through. You come last with the egg.

Julia: I have to go first.

Barbie: No. No, you're not, no. There's no way I'm letting you do that...

Julia: What would've happened if you hadn't escaped? It'll be worse if they capture you again. I should go.

Barbie: Julia, they're not gonna go easy on you.

Julia: I can handle it. And if you don't get a message agreeing to the deal, you'll be here.

Barbie: Mm-mm.

Julia: These people are gonna need you.

Barbie: No. If I don't get a message agreeing to the deal... I come after you.

Julia: Melanie. Where were you?

Melanie: I was... You're back!

Melanie hugs Barbie.

Barbie: Hey. It's good to see you.

Julia: Mel. Where's the egg? It's... Gone from Angie's apartment.

Melanie: But... But Barbie's here. Why do you want it?

Julia: Because it's our way out.

Melanie: N-No. I'm sorry, Julia, but... I, I can't tell you where it is.

Barbie: Hey. Can I talk to you for a second?

At school.

Norrie: All four hands should have a say in where the egg is kept and Melanie's probably sitting on it in a nest she built somewhere.

Joe: So we'll find it and we'll take it back.

Norrie: How?

Joe: Well, Julia and Dodee built that yogi thing.

Norrie: It's a piece of crap.

Joe: Yeah, so we'll build a better one.

Norrie: Who the hell are you?

Hunter: Hey. I'm Hunter. And you're Joe McAlister, Vlog Master, and @neithernorrie, slaying the world a hundred and forty characters at a time.

Joe: Okay. How do you know who we are?

Norrie: Especially since you've, apparently, just popped up out of the ether.

Hunter: Well, A: You guys are celebrities online. And B: I just came from Zenith with Barbie.

Joe: Barbie's back?

Norrie: You came here on purpose?

Hunter: I wasn't about to turn down the chance to check out the dome. It was a... Watery arrival... But my phone survived... Obviously there's no service, but that is my site's homepage.

Joe: Hounds of Diana. You e-mailed me.

Hunter: Uh-huh.

Norrie: And direct tweeted me.

Hunter: Yeah.

Norrie: Hunter. What are you doing here with all of this stuff?

Hunter: Uh... Desperately trying to, uh, establish contact with the outside world, but... No luck. Want help tracking down that egg?

Joe: Are you a mind reader?

Hunter: No. You guys were loud coming down that hallway.

Norrie: What do you know about the egg?

Hunter: I... Work for Barbie's dad at Aktaion. That egg's been the subject of many of a meeting. I'd say our best best's a sound wave detector.

Joe: All energy sources emit a frequency, even if we can't hear it. That could work.

Hunter: Do you think we could get our hands on a radar gun?

Joe: Oh, the police station has to have one.

Hunter: Well, you guys know if there's anything to eat around there? Because all I brought was this?

Norrie: I call dibs. Food from the outside?

Hunter: Hey. What did it feel like when the bomb hit this thing?

Joe: I'll tell you after you tell us how you got in here.

On Julia’s porch.

Melanie: No. I can't tell you where the egg is.

Barbie: But ev-ev... Even if it's our ticket out of here?

Melanie: No.

Barbie: You know, I've seen that necklace before.

Melanie: Yeah. You found it where they buried me.

Barbie: Let me ask you... Have you ever been to, uh... A big white house in Zenith? There's a b-big lawn... Um... Pool... There's a root cellar.

Melanie: With a red door.

Barbie: With a red door, yeah.

Melanie: Yeah, and my mom brought me there once. I-I spent the afternoon playing with this little boy, he was so sweet. We painted that door red and he-he put his hand on it.

Barbie: Yeah. That-that was me, Melanie. That was me... I was that boy.

Melanie: Uh... but... uh... how do you know?!

Barbie: I know, because I remember. I, I was there, I remember. We were, we were playing and then you-you had to leave in a hurry...

Melanie: Yeah. My mom was so upset, she... That-that-that-that boy's dad... Um... Your... Your dad, he kept saying, "Laura, Laura. I'm so sorry."

Barbie: Oh, my God.

Melanie: What?

Barbie: My parents... Used to fight about a woman named Laura, because I guess my dad was in-in-involved with her in a relationship before he married my mother.

Melanie: Your dad and my mom?

Barbie: Yeah. They had... They had a daughter together.

Melanie: Wait. Are you saying that...?

Barbie: I'm saying... That you are my sister, Melanie.

Melanie: That's why she brought me there. To meet you before we moved. She never would tell me who my father was. It's why you looked so familiar.

Barbie: Yeah. And that's... That's why I had this memory on the way back into the dome. This wasn't a coincidence, there's a reason for this.

Melanie: What's the reason?

Barbie: You and I are supposed to lead people out of here, into Zenith, but we need the egg to do that.

Melanie: No. No. No, I-I can't give it up. I... I know something bad will happen if I don't protect it.

Barbie: Melanie, I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you. Just come to Sweetbriar Rose with us, okay? Hear us out.

Melanie: Okay.

Pauline watches pictures of Junior.

Big Jim: Junior's 18th birthday.

Pauline: I've missed so much of my son's life.

Big Jim: Pauline, you're gonna be... A part of everything that has to do with this family moving forward.

Junior comes.

Junior: Mom?

Pauline: Oh, James. Uh... James... Oh...

Junior: How... How are you here right now?

Pauline: It's a long story.

Big Jim: You can, um... You can tell him over breakfast, then.

Pauline: Where are you going?

Big Jim: I'm sheriff... I've got responsibilities to the town. I got to... talk to Barbie about an exit strategy. Be good to your mom, Junior.

Big Jim leaves.

Pauline: Uh, d-do you want me to get you something to eat?

Junior: No, no, I'm... I'm okay.

Pauline: Come on, I'll make you something. What do you like?

Junior: It's fine. Mom, Mom, stop, stop. Stop.

Pauline: Is there... You can have...

Junior: Lyle told me why you left.

Pauline: You saw the video and you didn't tell Jim?

Junior: No. I didn't know how.

Pauline: That's for the best. Your father and I, we're not good for each other.

Junior: He thinks we're a family again.

Pauline: If that helps us get out, that's fine. Everybody had their reasons for coming back. You're mine.

Junior: Barbie's back. Who else?

Pauline: Sam. Your uncle has a lot to atone for.

Junior: He can never do that for killing Angie.

Pauline: He only did it because of what I put in my journal.

Junior: You drew a picture! He murdered a girl.

Pauline: Where are you going?

Junior: To the station... I'm Dad's deputy.

The eggs glows. Pauline hurts.

Pauline: Make it stop! Make it stop.

At the Sweetbriar.

Tom: You want everyone to jump off a cliff?

Julia: It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Andrea: That cliff leads to the same place it did for Barbie: our deaths.

Barbie: It leads to Zenith. I guarantee it.

Andrea: Oh, I don't believe it.

Barbie: Look, please, we need you guys on board to help us get everyone out.

Julia: We'll use the census. We divide the town into groups, everyone gets a leader and someone with first aid experience and a mix of ages.

Andrea: Chester's Mill is our home.

Barbie: We're not forcing anyone to leave.

Rebecca: But staying's a really bad idea. You feel how cold it is? Our microclimate's disrupted. With dwindling fuel and not enough food, we have to get out while we can.

Andrea: I'm not doing anything till I know where Big Jim stands on this.

Julia: What about you, Tom?

Tom: Sign me up as a leader. There's nothing left for us here.

Andrea and Tom leave.

Rebecca: So, assuming people do take a leap of faith and jump off the cliff, what happens when we get to Zenith?

Julia: Uh, the plan's for Julia to go first. She's gonna lay out the terms.

Rebecca: Which are?

Julia: Safe passage for the entire town. Once everyone else is out, Barbie and Melanie will jump with what they want.

Rebecca: "They" being the soldiers in black. And what they want... Is the egg.

Big Jim enters.

Big Jim: And how do I fit into your little plan? 'Cause I'm a part of it. Starting now.

At the sheriff station.

Norrie: Is this what you're looking for?

Hunter: That's it. Okay. Changed the firmware to adjust the IF output.

Joe: Yep. The wave guide's modified, enhancing the tonal range.

Norrie: Uh, translation from geek, please?

Joe: We're making it pick up high-pitched frequencies instead of movement.

Norrie: Oh. Of course.

Hunter: By the way, once we get out? Don't mention any of this to my parole officer. She wouldn't approve.

Norrie: Wait. You have a parole officer?

Hunter: Repercussion of exploiting the server vulnerabilities of Fortune 500 companies.

Joe: Sounds awesome.

Hunter: Nothing compared to finding out what it's like under the dome.

Norrie: Ironic. All we want to know is what's happening outside of it.

Hunter: Okay. Well, you want to do the honours?

Joe: It works. The egg is somewhere to the west.

Hunter: Okay, so, what are we waiting for? Let's go get that egg.

Joe: Actually, Hunter, thanks for helping us build this thing. But... That's as far as it goes.

Norrie: Yeah. Unfortunately.

Joe: It's just something Norrie and I have to do alone.

Hunter: Dude, it's no worries. I... I actually want to go get some pictures around town for my Hounds of Diana Web site.

Norrie: You don't trust him?

Joe: I-I-I trust us. We're two of the four hands. Not him.

Norrie: You really think he'd take the egg for himself? And how would he know that there's a locker at the school that leads to a cliff that's the way out of Chester's Mill and we have to do is jump?

Joe: Maybe Barbie told him. Anyway, we have a signal. Let's find that egg.

At the Sweetbriar.

Big Jim: So, what's the problem? We give them the egg, we get our freedom.

Julia: We have to do this carefully, Jim.

Big Jim: Whoever's out there's not gonna detain 2,000 people. This is still America.

Barbie: Oh, oh. You mean the same people that bombed this place, right? You-you don't even know what you're dealing with.

Big Jim: I know what's best for this town. Which is why I'll be going first to negotiate.

Julia: Excuse me?

Big Jim: I'm the sheriff. I'm the only elected official here.

Barbie: You're also a lifelong used car salesman.

Big Jim: That's right. Which means I know how to cut a deal. Love me or hate me, I get things done.

Barbie: Your whole family's here now, right? He goes first… He goes first, they stay behind. That way he's got every reason to make sure that we all get through safely.

Julia: Fine. Fine. Go first. But not until the entire town has been informed and the exit teams are in place.

Big Jim: I'll leave that in your hands. Spread the word as fast as you can.

Big Jim leaves.

Julia: You heard it. The whole plan depends on taking the egg with us.

Barbie: What do you say, Melanie?

Big Jim goes back to the studio.

Big Jim: Pauline, we're leaving! I worked it out. You, me and Junior, we're getting out of here. We're gonna be free.

Pauline: It's coming soon, soon. It's coming.

Big Jim: What are you...? Oh, my God.

Pauline: It's the end of everything, Jim. I see it in my head.

Big Jim: That's you, me and Junior.

Pauline: My head... Make it stop!

Big Jim: Is this what's gonna happen next? Is our family in danger?

Pauline: Oh, it hurts. Make it stop.

Big Jim: Make what stop? My head. What's hurts? Make what stop?

Pauline: Make it stop.

Big Jim: What are you talking about?

Pauline: The egg. It's screaming.

Big Jim: The egg? Well, where is it? What...?

Pauline: Really? You can't hear that?

Big Jim: I'm trying! I'm trying! I can't hear it...

Pauline: Oh, God! You haven't changed. You don't believe me. Just like always.

Big Jim: I have changed. I do believe you. Everything you painted has came true. I believe you, I just... I can't...

Pauline: Stop. Stop it.

Big Jim: Babe, babe, babe, calm down.

Pauline: Stop it! Stop it!

Big Jim: Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!

Pauline: Get out of here! Get out!

Big Jim: Calm down...

Pauline: Get out!

Big Jim: I'm trying to help.

Pauline: Get out! Aah!

Big Jim: Just calm down! I'll-I'll help you! I'll-I'll get help, I promise. Calm down!

Pauline: No, no, no, no, no! No! Don't lock me in here, please! Don't lock me in here!

Big Jim: I'm trying to keep you safe.

Pauline: No! Don't lock me in here!

Big Jim: Listen, I'll get us out of here, I promise! I made a deal with a guy, okay?

Pauline: Jim, please! Please!

Big Jim: He's gonna take care of our family. I promise he'll get us out of here!

Pauline: No, no!

Big Jim: Trust me! Just got to find that damn egg.

Big Jim hears the egg. He gets down in the shelter.

Big Jim: She was right about this, too.

Big Jim touches the egg but it pushes him away.

At the Sweetbriar.

Melanie: You'll let me carry the egg over?

Barbie: Yeah, I-I will be beside you the entire time.

Melanie: Do we really have to give it to those people out there?

Barbie: Once our dad sees you alive again, that is all he's gonna care about. Not some egg.

Melanie: I need a minute.

Melanie leaves.

Julia: Did you just make a promise you can't keep?

Barbie: Right now, this is all riding on her and Big Jim talking the talk.

Julia: Oh, that actually worked out well.

Barbie: I know.

Julia: He doesn't mean anything to your dad. And now neither one of us has to risk being nabbed.

Barbie: Hey. Are you having second thoughts?

Julia: Not about leaving. No.

Barbie: About what?

Julia: We met because of the dome. And we never really talked about you and me out in the world.

Barbie: Oh. Julia. Hey. I want you in my life whether we end up in Zenith or wherever. That's a promise that I can keep.

Julia: Good.

Melanie comes back.

Melanie: Guys. You want the egg or not?

Big Jim wakes up. Joe and Norrie comes in.

Joe: That's it.

Norrie: Let's get it and get the hell out.

Joe: Why is it screaming?

Norrie: Something's scaring it.

Joe: It's not us. You calmed it down.

Big Jim: Now it's time to go.

Joe: Where?

Big Jim: The cliff under the school. That thing's going to Zenith.

Norrie: Barbie's back. There's no reason.

Big Jim: It's not a debate.

Norrie: I don't have to do anything you say.

Big Jim: You're right. You don't, I'm gonna shoot him.

Joe: Don't worry about me, Norrie. All that matters is protecting the egg.

Norrie: You wouldn't shoot Joe.

Big Jim: There's a long list of people who've gone against me. I got no problem adding Joe McAlister to it. Let's go.

Junior enters in Sam’s house.

Junior: Pretty calm for a dead man.

Sam: I figured you'd stop by. I hope it doesn't have to end this way.

Junior: Angie hoped it wouldn't end with you swinging an axe down on her head.

Sam: I thought it would bring the dome down. I would do anything to take it back.

Junior: You put her bracelet under my bed so I'd think I blacked out and killed her.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do.

Junior: Don't worry. It'll be over soon.

Sam: Junior, I can't take back what I've done. You still have a choice.

Junior: You're right. Bullet's too quick.

Junior hits Sam.

Junior: You still have to suffer. Get up. Get up! Hit me. Fight back. Fight back. Fight back! Fight back! I'm gonna do to you... What you did to Angie.

Angie: Junior, stop!

Hunter is looking for a signal at school.

Hunter: Where is the signal?

He hears Big Jim.

Big Jim: Shut up. Keep going. All right, let's go. Through the locker and to the cliffs. Come on.

At Sam’s house.

Angie: You can't kill him.

Junior: How can you come back and protect him?

Angie: Sam still has a part to play. So does each of the hands. If he dies, everyone under the dome will suffer.

Junior: I loved you, and he took you away from me.

Angie: You never loved me. You locked me up, wanting to keep me. That's not love. That is possession. Why do something that can't be undone to avenge a love that wasn't even real?

Junior: You're not real. You're just the dome playing tricks on me.

Angie: Junior, I'm telling you not to do this.

Junior: Look at me. Look at me.

Angie: Don't do it. For me.

Junior: Look at me. Look at me!

Sam : Nooooo !

Junior: See, Angie? I really did love you.

Joe, Norrie and Big Jim are walking in the tunnel.

Norrie: It's freaking out. What are we supposed to do?

Joe: Do not throw the egg. If that's the power source to the dome, we could all die.

Norrie: If I don't, he'll kill you.

Big Jim: That's enough talking. That thing needs to go, now.

Norrie: Look at it. It doesn't want me to.

Big Jim: Well, maybe it doesn't want to be here. This is about my family. Now, you throw it over now.

Norrie: What about the rest of us?

Joe: You've always said you love everybody in Chester's Mill.

Big Jim: I do.

Joe: Then don't make us do this.

Big Jim: My wife is suffering. And everybody's gonna get out, too, okay? But that egg needs to go now.

Big Jim pushes the egg in the darkness.

Big Jim: See? Okay, no one's dying. Everything's okay.

The tunnel are collapsing.

Norrie: Joe!

Joe: Run. Run! Run!

There is an earth quake.

In the shelter.

Melanie: It was right here, it was right here!

Barbie: Okay, we gotta go!

Julia: Junior took it?

Melanie: I don't know!

Barbie: Let's go! Okay, come on!

Melanie falls down.

Barbie: No! Melanie! Melanie!

Julia: What's wrong with her?

Barbie: I don't know. She's barely breathing. Help me get her up.

In Jail.

Phil: Come on, help me! Hey, I'm down here! Come on! Help me! Help!

Phil escapes from his cell.

Julia parks her car near Sam’s house.

Julia: Junior, where's your uncle?

Junior: What happened?

Barbie: I don't know! Where's Sam?

Junior: Sam!

Sam: Put her down on the table. Get my EMT bag from the kitchen.

Barbie: She collapsed during the earthquake. Her pulse is weak.

Sam: Shallow breathing... We gotta get her heart rate up.

Julia: What happened to your face?

Sam: Don't worry about it. Atropine! It's in the vial.

Junior: It's atropine.

Barbie: How long before it works?

Melanie: Did you take the egg?

Junior: No. Is it gone? Maybe Joe and Norrie have it.

Julia: Oh, I just hope they're okay. We should go find them.

Barbie: Yeah. Hey, stay with her. And, Sam, don't let anything happen to her.

Sam: Her pulse is still weaker than it should be. Right now, what she needs is rest.

Junior: The dome was right. If I'd killed you earlier, she'd be dead.

Sam: Yeah, well, she still might be if I don't find a way to keep her stable.

Junior: She's one of the hands. You better.

In the tunnel.

Norrie: Is it safe?

Joe: Safer than staying down here.

Norrie: Nice of Big Jim to wait.

Norrie climbs but slides. Hunter catches her.

Hunter: Come on. Come on, I got you.

Norrie: Pull me up!

Hunter: Come on! I got you! Come on. Come on. You okay? What the hell was that earthquake?

Norrie: You don't want to know. Let's get out of here in case another one happens.

Joe: Yeah. Come on. I thought you went to take photos.

Hunter: I forgot my battery pack. Good thing, huh?

Norrie: Yeah.

At Pauline’s studio.

Big Jim: Pauline. Pauline, are you okay?

Pauline: They're gone.

Big Jim: What's gone?

Pauline: My visions. The minute the earthquake hit, they stopped.

Big Jim: Well, let's go. Come on, let's get out of here.

Pauline: I don't know what's gonna happen now.

Big Jim: I do. We go get Junior and we're the first three over the cliffs. Okay? I tell the guard on the other side I gave him what he wanted.

Pauline: The egg stopped screaming.

Big Jim: I know. Because I threw it over the cliff. To Zenith.

Pauline: No...

Big Jim: I did it... I did it for you. I did it...

Pauline: No, Jim. No… What have you done?

At school.

Barbie: Joe and Norrie have to be here somewhere.

Joe: Barbie, Julia!

Norrie: Big Jim made us throw the egg off the cliff.

Barbie: He did what?

Joe: He had a gun.

Barbie: All right, let's go. Come on.

Julia: Phil!

Phil enters in the tunnel.

Barbie: Phil, stop!

Joe: Barbie, here!

Julia: Careful.

They follows Phil to the cliff.

Julia: He's gone.

Barbie: What the...? There's a bottom now.

Phil is dead.

Barbie: The egg's gone… The passage closed.

Julia: We're stuck here.

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