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#202 : Invasion

Résumé: Barbie risque sa vie pour aider Rebecca à sauver l'approvisionnement en nourriture de Chester's Mill quand elle découvre une infestation d'oeufs de papillon sur la récolte de la ville. Entre temps, Joe apprend une terrible nouvelle.


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Under The Dome | Saison 2 - La Mort d'Angie

Under The Dome | Saison 2 - La Mort d'Angie



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Scénario : Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson
Réalisation : Ernest Dickerson

Guest stars

  • Matt McHugh : Killian
  • Dale Raoul: Andrea
  • Grace Victoria Cox: Melanie Cross

The girl is running into the woods.

At Julia’s home.

Barbie: I... Missed... This.

Julia: Me, too. Almost as much as I'm gonna miss coffee.

Barbie: Really?

Julia: Ah... Seriously... Mr. Barbara... If you think I'm gonna get by under this thing without you...

Barbie: Hmm.

There are butterflies on the window.

At Big Jim’s house.

Norrie: I thought the Big Jim slumber party was just a nightmare.

Joe: Worse. Can't wake up from it. Great.

Norrie: Now that your house is trashed, looks like we're stuck on Elm Street for a while longer.

Joe: Angie never came home last night.

Norrie: Can't blame her. She probably sacked out at the Sweetbriar to stay away from the Big Bad Wolf.

Big Jim: Kids...! Breakfast is ready!

In the kitchen.

Big Jim: Hey... Good morning, you two. Grab something to drink out of the fridge there. Dome sapped my generators, so everything's going bad. Cooked you up some breakfast. Sit down, plenty to eat. Come on, have a seat. There you go. Now, from what I understand, you all seem to know a lot about this dome, and, uh... I can't wait to hear all about it.

Joe: Since when do you care?

Big Jim: Well, since the dome spared my life yesterday. I've become more of a believer.

Norrie: Don't you have to go round up some more generators or something?

Phil: Jim, you read? Patterson's roof just caved in from yesterday's damage.

Big Jim: All right, thanks, Phil. I'm headed into town now. Enjoy. We'll continue this conversation later.

Rebecca discovers caterpillar on her salads.

Big Jim wakes Junior in his cell/bedroom.

Big Jim: Junior, this hellhole really more comfortable than your own bed?

Junior: I'd rather sleep here than under the roof of a murderer.

Big Jim: Get that hangover of yours out of bed. I need you to go over to the school and open it up. Rebecca Pine is gonna start classes again.

Junior: You really think people care about calculus and social studies anymore?

Big Jim: She's gonna teach things that matter... Things that can help this town get back on its feet. Now, I need you to get over there, open it up...Clean up any mess.

Junior: Do it yourself!

Big Jim: Hey! I risked my life for you yesterday. Least you could do is lend me a hand.

Junior: I'll do it for the town, not for you.

Junior finds Angie’s dead body at school.

At the Sweetbriar.

Andrea: Didn't know running the town meant waiting on it, too. Where's Angie?

Big Jim: I don't know. She was a no-show this morning.

Andrea: A couple people say that when they came to, they saw you with a noose around your neck.

Big Jim: It's a long story, Andrea.

Andrea: People say it was you who ended all that magnetism business.

Big Jim: Well, if anyone saved us, it was the... The good Lord.

Andrea: I don't think so. You were the one willing to sacrifice himself. That's why the dome spared us. The only reason this town is still standing, is because of Big Jim Rennie.

Barbie and Julia enter.

Big Jim: Hey, good morning.

Barbie: Morning.

Big Jim: Coffee?

Barbie: Sure.

Big Jim: It's the least I could do to... Pay you back. Just want you to know, I have no, uh... Animosity towards you, Julia. I have, uh, nothing but... Deep gratitude.

Julia: That sounded dangerously close to a "thank you."

Big Jim: "Gratitude"?

Barbie: That's a word I thought would never come out of your mouth.

Rebecca enters.

Rebecca: Jim?

Big Jim: Hmm?

Rebecca: We have a little emergency.

In the kitchen.

Rebecca: I don't know if it's because of our isolated ecosystem or the magnetic fluctuations, but something has caused our butterfly reproductive cycle to accelerate.

Big Jim: Killer butterflies, huh? Now we really got something to worry about.

Rebecca: Yeah. I-I know it doesn't sound serious, but butterflies lay eggs and those eggs turn into caterpillars. Caterpillars who are very... Very hungry. These creatures can eat 200 times their own weight. And they're not being choosy. Off my initial survey, more than half our crops are already infested with caterpillars.

Junior enters.

Junior: Angie's dead.

At the school.

Big Jim: Oh, my Lord.

Barbie: The lock on the back door's broken.

Big Jim: What are you doing here?

Barbie: We got to check that locker, 'cause the handprint shows that she was reaching for it.

Big Jim: Let's get busy.

Barbie: Oh... I-is this where you point the finger at me?

Big Jim: You and I have both done things we're not proud of. Neither of us would do something like this.

Barbie: So, then, who would?

Big Jim: I got no idea. But whoever murdered her is walking around Chester's Mill right now. And I need your help hunting them down.

Phil: Jim! Found something. The killer stepped in their dirty work...

Barbie: Left us a gift.

Into the woods.

Norrie: It's so quiet out here.

Joe: It's like the only place that feels normal.

Norrie: Yeah, like we could forget there's a giant, plastic bowl over us.

Joe: Hey... Poison ivy. Not a big problem in L.A., I guess.

Joe kisses Norrie.

Joe: They're butterflies.

Norrie: They're dead.

Joe: That's okay. There's about to be a lot more of them.

Norrie: How do you know that?

Joe: If they're dying, then... They laid new eggs. Their life cycle's over.

Girl: Ah...

Joe and Norrie find the girl, sleeping.

Norrie: Who is she?

Joe: I've never seen her before. Are you okay? Hey, what's your name?

Girl: I don't know.

Norrie: How long have you been out here?

Joe: Hey, give me a hand.

At school.

Big Jim: All right. You have to let her go, son. It takes time for the... Numbness to wear off. I need you to tell me, James... Did you do this?

Junior: How can you say that?

Big Jim: Because I know how much you loved her. It wouldn't be the first time it took an ugly turn.

Junior: Angie meant everything to me.

Big Jim: And the thought of not having her drove you to do some crazy things. Just tell me the truth and I'll take care of this.

Junior: Angie wanted you dead. What happened, she come after you and you got to her first?

Big Jim: What are you talking about?

Junior: Did you do it? Did you kill her?

Big Jim: I'd never hurt someone close to you, Junior.

Junior: No... No, no, no. I don't believe you. You killed Angie and now you're trying to pin it on me.

Big Jim: Junior, I would never...

Junior: If you killed Angie, so help me, I will make you suffer!

Near the school.

Norrie: We're crashing at Big Jim's; we can take you there.

Joe: What's going on?! Tell me! Is it Angie?! Barbie, is Angie okay?

Barbie: I'm sorry, Joe. She's dead?

Joe: Someone killed her? Why?

Barbie: I don't know.

Joe: Whoever did this is going to pay!

At Julia’s home.

Julia: How's Joe doing?

Barbie: He's a tough kid.

Julia: I'm worried he's bottling it all up.

Barbie: Well, he's in shock. I've seen it a lot in the field. You know? You got to just take time to process things.

Julia: I can't believe she's gone. First we lose Linda, now Angie. I thought the dome was supposed to protect us.

Barbie: No, it's up to us to protect each other. Come here.


Barbie: So, you know her?

Julia: Yeah. She's the girl I rescued from the lake yesterday. She... Ran off when we took her to Sam's cabin.

Barbie: What do you know about her?

Julia: Nothing. She doesn't remember who she is or... Even if she has a family here. Why?

Barbie: Phil found a girl's... Bloody shoeprint at the scene.

Julia: What are you getting at?

Barbie: Well, she's found hiding out... She's scraped up, she's clearly upset and nobody's seen her before...

Julia: She... Is a scared little girl. There's no way she could have killed Angie.

Barbie: Yeah, but you can't be sure of that.

Julia: I want to find who did this as much as anyone. But just because no one's ever seen her before doesn't mean that she's guilty.

Barbie: Doesn't make her innocent either.

Julia: There's something about her, like, I've-I've...I've seen her before, but I can't place it. And she could be lying to us about who... What the hell?

Julia: Looks like a fire. That's near the school.

Rebecca burn the field.

Man: Hey! What the hell are you doing?!

Rebecca: What I have to! Otherwise, we're all dead.

At Big Jim’s house.

Joe: All she ever wanted to do was get out of here.

Norrie: Maybe now Angie's finally free.

Joe: Free? She's dead. Don't try and cheer me up, okay?

Norrie: I'm sorry, I was just trying to help you.

Joe: Only one thing could do that. I want to kill the person who did this to her. I want them in pain. More pain than they ever thought was possible.

Norrie: What if that person's right here, under this roof?

Joe: Big Jim? No. I went downstairs last night when I couldn't sleep. He was crashed out on the couch.

Norrie: Not Big Jim, Joe. The girl we found.

Joe: Why would she hurt Angie?

Norrie: I don't know. But I heard the cops found a shoeprint at the scene… A girl's shoeprint.

At Julia’s house.

Julia: Sorry we woke you. It would be really helpful if you could remember something. Anything.

Girl: Promise you'll protect me?

Julia: You can trust me.

Girl: I was there. Last night. I saw it.

Julia: You were at the school?

Girl: I heard her scream.

Julia: Why didn't you tell anyone?

Girl: I was too scared. I was afraid he'd come after me.

Julia: "He"? Did you see a face? The sheriff found a young woman's shoeprint... In the hallway. I think it's gonna match yours.

Girl: They don't think I did it... Do they?

Julia: They're gonna find out you were there. I need you to tell me why you were at the school.

Girl: I don't know. Something... Made me go there.

Near the burn field.

Big Jim: What the hell's going on here?

Rebecca: I had to stop the infestation before it destroyed all the crops.

Big Jim: "Infestation"?

Rebecca: Yes. Butterfly eggs... They're everywhere. When these eggs hatch, sometime in the next 12 hours, the caterpillars inside will devour absolutely everything in sight.

Barbie: I thought they only ate milkweed.

Rebecca: Yeah. Typically they do, but I think the magnetism must have altered their eating pattern.

Big Jim: So, are we gonna lose the rest of this field?

Rebecca: And all the surrounding fields. When they've made their way through this one, they'll move on and eat our entire food supply.

Barbie: So, what do we do?

Rebecca: We need to burn everything. From the frontage road to Langston's property line; that's where the infestation stops... For now. We'll save at least 50% of the wheat that way and... Hopefully we'll have enough to ration.

Big Jim: This is a test.

Barbie: What makes you say that?

Big Jim: You were there... When I offered myself on the gallows. It was the first test of many. I'm guessing the dome wants me to prove myself.

Rebecca: What is he talking about?

Barbie: Himself. As usual. Come on, you never picked up on his hero complex?

Rebecca: Inflated ego or not, they listen to him, don't they?

Barbie: Hey, Jim. Burning half our food supply... Doesn't sound like a solution to me.

Big Jim: He's right. Most of these farmers have pesticide. Can't we spray the fields with something?

Rebecca: We'll never be able to cover that much acreage before the eggs hatch.

Big Jim: I think I might know something that'll work.

Julia knocks on Sam’s door, he opens.

Sam: Hey.

Julia: Sam, we found the girl.

Sam: Where was she? I looked everywhere.

Julia: Hiding in the woods. I need to know if she said anything to you before she left yesterday.

Sam: Nothing. What's wrong?

Julia: A young woman named Angie was murdered last night at the high school. They found a woman's shoeprint... Probably hers.

Sam: I seriously doubt that girl's a killer.

Julia: That's what I want to believe, but maybe I'm too involved.

Sam: I wouldn't second-guess my gut if I were you.

Julia: I got people telling me otherwise.

Sam: I know how you feel. But there was someone... I should have protected once. And maybe if I'd listened to my gut... She'd still be here.

Julia: Is this your sister? The one who took her life?

Sam: All this time, I'd been blaming Big Jim, but the truth is... I could've done more.

Julia: Big Jim's wife killed herself… Oh, God. You're...

Sam: Big Jim's brother-in-law.

Julia: How is it possible that everyone around me is trapped in Big Jim's orbit?

Sam: Well, now, hang on a second. No one hates Big Jim as much as I do. He wasn't good to Pauline and Junior; he was never there for them.

Julia: Sam, you're practically related to Big Jim. What happens when that starts to mean something again?

Sam: And what about my connection to you? And this girl? I wasn't sure if I should show this to you. I think there's something more to this girl. To how... We all fit together. My sister drew things.

Julia: This looks like her. Pauline drew this?

Sam: 20 years ago.

At the airport.

Big Jim: Belonged to Chuck Thomson... The, uh... Flight school pilot that crashed the day the dome fell.

Rebecca: Looks like it's been sitting around a while. Does it fly?

Big Jim: It'd better.

Barbie: It's our only chance.

Big Jim: Do I need to mention that no one's tried to navigate the dome from the air yet? You're not gonna be able to see anything...

Big Jim: I've flown this area plenty of times.

Barbie: You?

Big Jim: You live in a town long enough, you wear just about every hat. Took lessons for Search and Rescue.

Barbie: Okay, seriously... Jim, I-I-I've flown hundreds of missions... In some pretty tough places.

Big Jim: This plague was sent as a test for me, Barbie. If I can't figure my own way out of this, I don't deserve to lead this town.

At the clinic.

Junior: I didn't want her to be alone.

Julia: I understand.

Junior: What's he doing here?

Julia: Sam's one of the only people left in town with any real medical training.

Junior: I don't want anybody touching Angie.

Julia: We have to examine the body for evidence, so we can find whoever did this.

Sam: Can you give us a sec?

Julia: Yeah. I'll go check on the girl.

Sam: Look, I know I haven't been there for you. I'm here now. Family's gonna be more important in these days ahead.

Junior: I'm sorry if family doesn't mean much to me.

Sam: I know it's been hard... Since you lost your mom. And I wish you could've... Known her like I did. She wasn't always the confused woman you knew.

Junior: Do you ever see her?

Sam: Like in a dream?

Junior: Yeah. I did... Yesterday. Only, it felt so... Real.

Sam: Probably the magnetic stuff from the dome playing with your head.

Junior: It messed me up. That's why I got drunk last night and blacked out. I wasn't there for Angie.

Sam: Never gets easier. Losing people. But you got to find a better way of dealing with it than I did. I've been there, Junior, I know how you feel.

Junior: Is it possible to love someone so much that you'd hurt them?

Sam: Love can make you do crazy things. But you'd never do anything violent to the person you loved, would you?

Junior: I don't remember anything from last night, but there's no way I'd hurt Angie like that, she finally trusted me again.

Sam: You have any idea who'd do this to her?

Junior: Of course. My father.

At the airport.

Barbie: Rebecca. Listen... We only got one shot at this, okay? And we can't afford to risk it just because someone wants to fuel their image. So do me a favour... Help me out.

Rebecca: Okay. Hey. Um, I think we should let Dale go up.

Big Jim: I can handle this.

Rebecca: I know, but it's dangerous, and Barbie is more experienced. Jim... The town's looking to you right now, okay? They need a leader, not a martyr. If anything happens up there and you...

Big Jim: It won't. So, what do we got?

Rebecca: Um, Langston's fields haven't been infected yet, so if we contain the spraying to this quadrant...

Barbie starts to fly.

At the school.

Joe: Phil.

Phil: Joe. Real sorry for your loss.

Norrie: We know who did it. It was the girl we saw in the woods.

Phil: I understand you're desperate for some answers, but just give it time...

Joe: We heard you found a footprint. So, we took her shoe from the house while she was resting. Just see if it's a match.

Big Jim and Rebecca shows Barbie what he has to do.

Big Jim: I hope you're happy. Whole town's come out to see your stunts.

Barbie: Well, how about you just let me know which way to turn after I drop this stuff over the crops?

Rebecca: Veer a sharp left over Hansen's fields. And three silos come up on you fast after you rise over that break of trees.

Barbie: All right, let's do this.

Barbie spreads the pesticide on the crops.

Rebecca: He's getting too close to the dome.

Phil brings the girl to the sheriff station.

Julia: Phil, what are you doing?

Phil: Doesn't concern you, Julia.

Julia: Like hell! The neighbours said you dragged her off in a squad car. You can't do this.

Phil: I am holding her for questioning.

Julia: On what grounds?!

Phil: We matched her shoeprint to the one at the school.

Julia: Look, I know she was there... But a shoeprint doesn't prove any more than that and definitely not that she's the murderer.

Phil: You knew she'd been at the crime scene? How?

Julia: She confided in me.

Phil: When were you gonna tell the police?!

Julia: She says that she saw a man do it. You have to keep looking.

Phil: You're lucky I'm not bringing you in for harbouring a suspect.

Girl: Please, Julia, he'll find me in here!

Julia: I'll get you out.

Norrie and Joe enters in Big Jim’s house.

Norrie: What are you doing?

Junior: I think my dad killed Angie. I just need to find something that'll prove it.

Joe: It wasn't him, Junior.

Junior: What if he had a reason to do it? What if he knew Angie wanted him dead?

Norrie: It was the girl we saw in the woods.

Joe: They found a bloody shoeprint at the school.

Junior: Where is she now?

Norrie: Phil took her to jail.

Junior: Okay. She deserves what Angie got. Don't you want that? For your sister?

Barbie continues to spread pesticide on fields.

Barbie: Okay, I'm gonna get that last field... just up here ahead of me by the creek; last one.

Rebecca: No. Too close to the perimeter. Circle south, bring it back. You got to be running out of fuel.

Big Jim: Hey, we'll burn it, we'll figure something out. Just get back here.

Rebecca: If you get too close to that thing, we all know what happens to electronics. It'll fry your systems.

Barbie: I'll take my chances. We got any obstructions down there? Any power lines, windmills, silos?

Rebecca: Only an impenetrable, completely invisible dome.

Big Jim: Hey. Get out of there.

Rebecca: You are only a hundred yards away. You won't be able to turn out of it.

Big Jim: Damn it, Barbie, pull up now.

The plane’s wing touches the dome.

Barbie: Engine's still running, but... My wing's damaged, I'm gonna bring it back in. All right, I'm not gonna make the airship, I'm dropping too fast. I'm out of fuel.

Rebecca: It's gonna crash.

Barbie: I'm gonna put it in the trees. At least that way I'll be clear of any of the people.

Big Jim: Barbie, can you hear me? There's a switch under the right side of the control panel. You need to flip it. Barbie, listen to me, reach under the right side and flip the switch towards you. Just do it. Trust me.

Barbie switches the button.

What just happened? It's like I picked up extra fuel. Like it switched over to another tank. Now I can land it safe.

Barbie lands.

Rebecca: Hey. Good job.

Barbie: Reserve tank, huh?

Big Jim: Well, it came in handy when I had to make a few trips out of Chester's Mill.

Barbie: Those drug runs you used to do with Coggins.

Big Jim: It's all ancient history.

Barbie: Well, I got to say... I never expected to be the one thanking you for saving my life.

Big Jim: Yeah, well... Meet the new Big Jim.

Barbie: Right.

At the clinic.

Julia: From the angle of the impact, the killer must've struck like this.

Sam: But the angle doesn't necessarily tell us their height.

Julia: Well, whoever did this had to have a lot of strength. You think I'm nuts for defending someone I don't know?

Sam: I think you're brave... Taking all this on as your responsibility. And a little nuts.

Julia: Looks like Angie got a piece of whoever did this to her.

Sam: Those bruises... Are lividity. Blood pools after death.

Julia: Those are the fingertips of a hand... A big hand.

Sam: A man's.

Julia: Definitely not a girl. We got to get down to the station. Let's get that poor girl released.

In jail.

Junior: Why'd you do it? Why'd you kill Angie?

Girl: I didn't.

Junior targets the girl.

Girl: It wasn't me.

Junior: We know you're lying. Tell us the truth now.

Joe: Go ahead. Do it! Well, then I will.

Girl: You don't want to do this.

You took my sister from me.

Girl: Joe: Please.

Julia and Sam arrive.

Julia: Joe. Joe, stop. It wasn't her.

Sam: We found bruising on Angie's arm from a man's hand.

Junior: A man?

Julia: Joe? Put the gun down. Did you hear me? She saw Angie, but there wasn't enough time to save her. She didn't do it, Joe.

Joe puts the gun down.

At Julia’s home.

Barbie: That's two days in a row now, that girl owes her life to you and that... Sam guy. It's good you made it to the cell in time.

Julia: I don't think Joe would've done it. I'm really glad we didn't have to find out. Big Jim will probably tell people he saved her life today.

Barbie: He didn't have to tell me about that reserve tank, but he did.

Julia: Yesterday, we save his life, he can barely utter a "thank you."

Barbie: I think in some strange way, he tried.

Julia: A few words does not change the fact that all he cares about is his folklore status. And he's not the only one fuelling it. Rebecca's been... Talking him up all over town.

Barbie: She's also the one who discovered the whole... Crop problem in the first place.

Julia: But a few science textbooks is not gonna solve what's happening here. She doesn't know everything about this dome.

Barbie: And we do? I'm sorry, but "the dome"... Let Big Jim live and an innocent girl die. It does not care what happens to us down here.

Julia: I-I don't understand anything that's happening. But I'm starting to feel like I'm losing you, like I'm losing your trust.

Barbie: Why? Because I need to agree with you to trust you? And Sam Verdreaux... He agrees?

At Angie’s funeral.

Big Jim: Hey, there.

Andrea: Jim...

Big Jim: How are you? How are you? Hey.

Rebecca: Hey.

Big Jim: How you holding up? Angie was one of your students.

Rebecca: When she made it to class. I always liked her. It must be terrible for your son, knowing the killer's still out there. I'm sure it's too hard for him to be here.

Big Jim: Yeah, I wish I could... do more for him.

Rebecca: You do plenty. I hate that he's getting to be the hero. If they only knew you'd saved him. It's not about one day. Heroes leave behind a good story, but a great leader leaves a legacy.

Big Jim: You don't really believe the dome chose me to lead, do you?

Rebecca: I believe Chester's Mill chose you. And they're gonna need us. You, especially, today.

Big Jim: Well... I don't think Joe wants me anywhere near this church today.

Rebecca: Joe is not the only one who's lost someone.


Norrie: They're about to start, and Joe isn't here. He can't miss his own sister's funeral.

Barbie: Yeah, I'll... I'll find him.

At the Sweetbriar.

Barbie: Hey, kiddo. Everybody's waiting for you back at the church.

Joe: I'm looking for her bracelet. She always wore it and she didn't have it on when...

Barbie: And you think she left it here?

Joe: She lost it somewhere and she'd want it. I know she'd want it.

Barbie: No. She'd want to know that you were okay… You always came first.

Joe: Then why did she leave me? And what was she doing at the high school all alone? I don't understand who could do this to her.

Barbie: Hey. I promise you... We're gonna catch whoever did this.

Joe: You can't promise that. You don't know. You don't know anything.

Barbie: No, I do know. I lost someone. And I was so mad... I didn't want to go to some church and watch the show. You know, all those people... Maybe they cared... Maybe they didn't. But there is not a day... That I don't wish that I had taken the chance to say good-bye.

Joe: I'm not ready to.

Barbie hugs Joe.

Barbie: Yeah. I know you're not. But I'm gonna be right here, all right? You're not alone.

At the church.

Big Jim: Our losses over the past few days are almost too much for us to bear: our beloved sheriff, Linda Esquivel, and now an innocent young woman with her whole life ahead of her, snatched away from us. No one has any answers. No one can tell us why. But I promise you, I will never rest until Angie gets the justice she deserves.

Junior finds Angie’s bracelet in his cell.

Junior: Angie's bracelet?

Barbie and Joe enter in the church.

Big Jim: There's almost nothing that can make us understand why Angie was taken so soon. She was a daughter, a sister. She had big dreams. Whatever differences we may have had in the past, we need to be there for each other now.

People: Amen.

Big Jim: You know, for most of my life I've only had faith in one thing... That I could sell a car to anybody who came on my lot. But these past few days, we've had a... A storm of... Of epic proportions. An infestation... No, a plague. Why? Because we are being tested by some power that is bigger than any of us. And after these trials, I have found my faith. That we are all here for a reason. And what I want to know is, what do you have faith in?

Andrea: It's you, Jim.

People: Big Jim.

Big Jim: Well, that means a lot, I-I appreciate that, but it's not about me. It's about us. We have to pull together.

Julia: Look at them. They would do anything for him.

End of funerals.

Andrea: Thank you, Jim. Such inspiring words.

Big Jim: Thank you, Andrea.

Rebecca: They loved you.

Big Jim: Well, I meant it. Every word.

Rebecca: Hmm. Well, we're gonna need it. Angie's death was bittersweet.

Big Jim: Excuse me?

Rebecca: Well, Angie was taken too early but spared what's to come. I'm afraid you'll need to keep that eulogy on hand.

Big Jim: What are you talking about? We saved the crops today. I-I've taken inventory of our other supplies, which...

Rebecca: You've taken inventory of the wrong thing. We're the problem, Jim. It's us. There are too many people in here for our limited resources. We can't all survive.

Junior knocks on Sam’s door.

Sam: I'm coming. Junior? What's going on?

Junior: I think I did it. I think I killed Angie.

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Activité récente

Aujourd'hui, 16 Novembre 2020, Marg Helgenberger fête ses 62 ans. L'interprète de Christine...

Adaptation d'une nouvelle de Stephen King par Netflix

Adaptation d'une nouvelle de Stephen King par Netflix
La plateforme Netflix va adapter la nouvelle Mr. Harrigans Phone de Stephen King, issue du reccueil...

[Rachelle Lefevre] The Sounds arrive cet automne

[Rachelle Lefevre] The Sounds arrive cet automne
C'est cet automne, à CBC que devrait débuter la diffusion de la série The Sounds, série dans...

Gagnez le hors-série LiRE consacré à Stephen King !

Gagnez le hors-série LiRE consacré à Stephen King !
Fans de la série Under the Dome ? Ne manquez pas l'opportunité de gagner le hors-série du magazine...

Calendrier | Octobre 2019

Calendrier | Octobre 2019
Dans le cadre de l'animation «À ton clavier», un calendrier aux couleurs automnales a été créé pour...


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Locksley, Avant-hier à 19:36

Le quartier Elite vient d'ouvrir ses portes ! Bonne inauguration à sabby et Linstead et bonne visite à tous !

sabby, Avant-hier à 19:42

Effectivement les portes de Las Encinas sont désormais ouvertes !!! Entrez avec nous dans l'Elite espagnole

Linstead77, Avant-hier à 19:43

Merci Lock, on vous attend avec impatience sur le quartier, une animation et d'autres petits jeux sont en place !

Emilie1905, Hier à 11:52

Plus que quelques heures pour vous inscrire à l'HypnoGame de ce soir! Alors, équipe Spoiler ou Teaser ?

mnoandco, Hier à 12:41

A Discovery Of Witches aurait besoin d'un coup de baguette magique pour sa "Chasse aux Sorcières !". La reconnaitrez-vous?

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