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#201 : Le sens du sacrifice

Résumé: Le destin de Barbie est désormais entre les mains de Big Jim et le dôme devient une nouvelle menace lorsqu'il devient magnétique. Entre temps, Julia sauve la vie d'une jeune fille qui pourrait être à l'origine du dôme.


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Titre VO
Heads Will Roll

Titre VF
Le sens du sacrifice

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Scénario :  Stephen King
Réalisation :  Jack Bender

Guest stars

  • Eddie Cahill: Sam Verdreaux
  • Stephen King: Client
  • Grace Victoria Cox: Melanie Cross
  • Jolene Purdy: Dodee
  • Sherry Stringfield: Pauline

Sam fixes a light in his cabin. He’s about to drink when he sees a light outside. He gets of his house.

At Barbie’s execution.

Junior: Dad? What's happening? What's that sound?

Big Jim: Pull the lever, son. Do it, Junior! Do it now!

Junior: I'm afraid.

Julia accost. She sees a girl in le lake. She dives to rescue her.

Near the church.

Norrie: What the hell is that?

Angie: Look!

A bell is attracted by the dome.

Joe: Look out! Move!

Near the Town Hall, lots of citizen fall asleep.

Big Jim: Linda, what's happening?

Linda: They're unconscious but still breathing.

Barbie: Jim, let me help.

Big Jim: What, set you free?

Barbie: There are people out there, your people, that need help.

Big Jim: Nice try, Barbie. Do it, son.

Barbie: No, Junior, Junior, look out there. The sound is making people sick. We need to stop it.

Junior: I can't do it.

Big Jim: What are you doing?

Junior: I think the dome's trying to tell us something.

Big Jim: That's nonsense.

Junior: We should go there. It could have answers for what's happening.

Big Jim: The dome doesn't have answers.

Junior: Yes, it does, Dad. The dome is more than you think it is. It's shown me things.

Big Jim: If you're too scared to do it, I'll do it. Look out.

Linda targets Big Jim.

Linda: Stop.

Big Jim: What are you doing, Linda?

Linda: I'm being reasonable. After what I've seen, I think maybe Junior's right. We'd need to take a trip to the dome before we do something we're all going to regret.

Julia gets the girl off of the water. Sam arrives.

Julia: Come on. Come on.

Sam: What happened?

Julia: I don't know. She was drowning in the lake. She just appeared. I have no idea where she came from.

Sam: Here, let me try.

The girl breathes again.

Julia: It's a good thing you were here.

Sam: I saw strange lights coming out of the lake. We got to get her and you dry. Can you walk?

Julia: Uh, if it's not too far.

Sam: It's just through the woods.

Big Jim, Linda, Junior and Barbie drive to the dome.

Big Jim: What the hell?!

Barbie: It's magnetic.

Linda: Whoa!

Iron stuff fly to the dome.

Linda: What's happening?

Barbie is attracted by the dome to.

Barbie: Ah... Ah, Linda...

Linda: Barbie! Oh!

Barbie: My cuffs!

Linda: Hold on! I got you! Help me! Help!

Barbie: Hurry!

Barbie is bonded to the dome. Linda’s keys too.

Linda: I can't.

Big Jim: Junior!

Linda: Help me! Help! Okay.

Barbie: Come on.

Big Jim: Linda!

Barbie: Linda, get out of here. Get out of here!

Linda: Barbie, I can't. I almost got it, hold on.

Big Jim: Linda!

Junior: Get out of the way, Linda!

Linda: Almost... Almost...

Barbie: Get out of the way!

Junior: Linda, run! Run!

Barbie: Go!

Linda pushes Barbie away. The car crushes on Linda and the dome.

Barbie: Linda! No!

At Sam’s cabin.

Julia: Sweetheart, can you tell me your name? How did you end up in the lake? I don't think she can hear me.

Sam: She's in shock. Best thing for her is rest.

Julia: We don't even know who she is.

Sam: Right now I'd say you've got problems of your own. Better let me check it out.

Julia: Okay.

In the kitchen.

Sam: Well... Looks like the stitches must've come loose in the lake. Who sewed you up?

Julia: A... Friend who was here.

Sam: Was?

Julia: Yeah, I had to leave him. He was protecting me; he didn't make it.

Sam: Well, you can't be sure. Not of anything, these days.

Julia: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Sam: I'd better. I was an EMT for ten years.

Julia: In town? Hmm. Thought I knew everyone at the hospital.

Sam: Turns out the county likes their paramedics sober. I prefer being alone out here. Most of the time, anyway.

Sam: Sam Verdreaux.

Julia: Julia Shumway.

The girl hears Sam and Julia’s talking.

Near the Dome.

Barbie: It should've been me.

Big Jim: Junior, you're to blame. If we hadn't come out here, she'd still be alive.

Barbie: Hey! This isn't Junior's fault. Whatever's going on here, we gotta make sure nobody else gets hurt.

Big Jim: Well, the best way to do that is finish what we started. Junior, help!

Junior: Find someone else!

Big Jim: You want more blood on your hands by letting that murderer go?

Barbie: Hey! We both know that I didn't kill Dodee or burn down that radio station. So you want to tell him why you framed me?

Junior: Is that true? I was about to hang an innocent man?

Barbie: That doesn't matter. Linda is dead. Who knows how much of this town's been destroyed by this... Magnetic pull? We gotta make sure nobody else gets hurt.

Big Jim: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Big Jim tries to stop Barbie but Barbie hits him.

Junior: Where you going?

Barbie: To find Julia.

He was telling the truth, wasn't he?

You killed Dodee.

Big Jim: She was gonna spread lies about our family that would tear this town apart.

Junior: You're the one tearing Chester's Mill apart.

No, I'm the one with the guts to do what needs to be done!

Big Jim: Someone has to make the hard choices! You gonna do it?

Junior: Linda just did! Who's next, Dad? Maybe it's you.

In Sam’s kitchen.

Sam: There you go.

Julia: You know, a lot of people in town could use someone with your skills.

Sam: Hmm. I'm not too sure they'd be happy to see me.

Julia: After all this, whatever happened in the past... It doesn't matter anymore.

Sam: Some things are kind of hard to leave behind.

Julia: Is that why you're... Holed up here? All by yourself?

Sam: Some things you never get over. Like my sister taking her life nine years ago.

The dome glows again.

Barbie tries to steal a car but he’s stopped.

Rebecca: Can I help you with something?

Barbie: Look, I-I'm sorry about your car, all right? This is an emergency.

Rebecca: Hey, wait. You're him, aren't you? You're that murderer.

Barbie unarms Rebecca.

Barbie: I'm not a murderer. Besides, this town's got bigger problems.

Rebecca: The groans are coming more quickly.

Barbie: Are you timing these things?

Rebecca: They are getting stronger, like a... A... Pregnant woman's contractions. Only instead of giving life, people could die if they don't wake up.

Barbie: You sound awful confident about that.

Rebecca: I've been studying the dome since it came down. I think it can manipulate electromagnetic fields and they're interfering with some people's brainwaves.

Barbie: What are you, a nuclear physicist?

Rebecca: Nothing so glamorous. I'm a high school science teacher. Rebecca Pine.

Barbie: Dale Barbara.

Rebecca: If the pulses can do this here, no telling what it's doing to people who live by the dome.

Barbie: Joe McAlister.

At Joe’s farm.

Norrie: Oh, my God, my mom's in there.

Norrie, Joe and Angie run to the house.

Norrie: Mom... Whoa!

Angie: Whoa, watch out.

Norrie: She hit her head.

Angie: Get down!

Joe: Let's get her up. Ready? Whoa, look out! Hurry.

Angie: That door. What do we do?

Joe: Get the table.

Joe, Angie and Norrie are hiding behind the table.

Angie: Look out.

Norrie: Watch your arm.

Angie: Just get it, get it, just...

Joe: Whoa! Whoa!

Angie: What is happening? It's pulling all the nails out.

A nail hurts Joe.

Joe: Get it out! Get the nail out of my hand!

Big Jim picks up a gun in his shelter. The iron stuff are moving. He tries to get out but he’s trapped.

Rebecca and Barbie a running to Joe’s house.

In the McAlister’s kitchen.

Joe: Wait a sec...! I think the dome is pulling it through my hand.

The nail goes through Joe’s hand

Joe: Aah! Oh, my God.

Angie: Oh, my God. Here. Here.

Barbie: Joe!

Joe: In here!

Angie: Help him. Help him. Come on, hold that. Pull it down, pull it down, Norrie, help.

Joe: Stove, stove!

Barbie: Two, three!

Angie: Watch out! Come on, go!

Barbie: Get out of here, move! Let's go. Go. Let's go.

Barbie and Norrie helps Carolyn to get out.

Joe: Come on, come on!

Barbie: Hold-hold-hold on.

Angie: Joe, go!

Barbie: Ready, go.

They lay Carolyn on the ground.

Barbie: Right here. Right here. Right here.

The house collapses.

In the shelter.

Dodee: Big Jim... Looks like it's just you and me now.

Big Jim: I've been under a lot of stress lately... A lot of stress; that-that-that's all this is, it's just... It's a hallucination brought on by stress, just...

Dodee: What's happening out there is your fault. Only, it's the townspeople who are paying.

Big Jim: Why wouldn't I have hallucinations? I've been carrying this whole town on my shoulders ever since Dome Day.

Dodee: The dome is ripping Chester's Mill apart!

Big Jim: See you, sweetheart. Go back to the Twilight Zone. I got work to do.

Big Jim tries to get out.

Big Jim: Damn it.

Dodee: You did this.

Big Jim: Ugh.

Dodee: You. And I'm not going anywhere.

Big Jim: You're not Dodee. You're not Dodee... You're something else. Junior said the dome talked to him. Showed him things.

Dodee: He warned you about this. Should have listened.

At school.

Norrie: We have to get my mom to a doctor. Why isn't she waking up?

Rebecca: Half the town is like this. It's the pulses. Magnetism like this can cause hallucinations, seizures, unconsciousness... Even death.

Norrie: So you're saying, my mom's gonna die?

Rebecca: Her vitals are stable. As soon as the pulses subside, she should be fine.

Norrie: Should be?

Angie: Norrie, we are gonna figure this out.

Joe: You're sure we're safe here?

Rebecca: For now. The pulses are strongest near the dome's perimeter, so the center of town is the zone of least destruction.

Barbie: Okay. All right. So we got to move everyone.

Rebecca: To right here... Where we are... At the school. The dome's altered the magnetic fields around Chester's Mill before, when all the monarch butterflies were attracted to it, but never to this extent. If the pulses keep getting stronger, they could tear apart the entire town. We need a way to negate the dome's magnetic field. Joe, remember that experiment we did when we wrapped the copper wire around nails?

Joe: A homemade magnet. If we build a really huge one a-and connect it to a big enough power supply...

Rebecca: It might be able to counteract the dome's pulses.

Joe: Right.

Barbie: Well, you're gonna need a massive conductor... Something iron or steel.

Rebecca: And plenty of copper wire.

Angie: Hey. You really think that this is gonna work, a-a giant magnet?

Barbie: Well, you got something better?

Angie: The dome showed a vision to the four hands. It showed us Big Jim's death. But we didn't kill him and the dome reacted. Badly. The dome wants Jim dead. And I don't think this is gonna stop until that happens.

Barbie: I hate Big Jim as much as you do. But taking another man's life... I know how much that costs. So let's just try this the science teacher's way first. All right, let's go. We're running out of time.

Angie: Okay.

Norrie: I'm not moving my mom.

Joe: Y-You and Angie can stay here and we'll go. Okay?

Angie: Okay. I-I hope that this works. Watch out for him.

The girl has a nightmare.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. It's all right. You were having a dream. You're all right.

Outside Sam’s cabin.

Julia: You've got a nice touch.

Sam: So do you. Not everyone would've jumped into the water the way you did. Especially in your condition. You gonna tell me how you wound up out in the middle of nowhere with a bullet wound in your shoulder?

Julia: Short answer: I was given an ultimatum. I tried to do the right thing and now I'm not sure that I did.

Sam: Is it about that guy you mentioned earlier? We don't have to talk about it. You can just... Stay here. Rest.

Julia: I can't. Something awful is happening out there and it might be my fault. I have to try and fix it I might be the only one who can.

Sam: Why you?

Julia: Can you look after the girl? Maybe try to get her story.

Sam: Hey, wait. Be safe.

Julia: Thank you, Sam.

Sam reads Pauline’s journal. He finds an illustration of the girl. He looking for her but she’s gone.

The girl is walking in the street, Angie sees her.

Angie: Hey! Are you all right?

Angie enters in the Sweetbriar. Junior comes in too.

Junior: What are you looking for?

Angie: Uh... A gun. We used to keep one here.

Junior: What for?

Angie: Your father. And you if you try to stop me.

Junior: I won't try to stop you, Angie. He's a liar... And a murderer; he killed Dodee. You were right; we should've stopped him when the dome told us to.

Angie: We can end this, Junior.

Junior: I can get you a gun from the station. I can do that much.

Angie: Okay.

In Big Jim’s shelter.

Big Jim: What are you?

Dodee: A messenger.

Big Jim: I'm listening.

Dodee: No, you're not. You're still thinking you're gonna get out of here and keep on keeping on killing whoever gets in your way.

Big Jim: Screw you. I don't care if you are the dome... Or whatever the hell else you are. I'm the only one who can run this town.

Dodee: The whole town's going down, and it's your fault. You've never sacrificed, not once in your life, and now... You're gonna have to.

Big Jim: Shut up and be dead! I'm busy.

Dodee: See? You're not listening. But you will.

Barbie and the other are preparing the magnet’s.

Barbie: All right, that's it. That's high enough. Just leave that alone. Here, let me see that tape.

Rebecca: Looks like we're all wired up.

Joe: Do you think the magnet's strong enough to generate a current to counteract the dome?

Rebecca: All that copper wire's gonna give the dome a run for its money.

Barbie: No, no, no, no, let's go. Everybody get back. Stand back, get back.

Rebecca: Get back.

Joe: The magnet isn't working.

Rebecca: The charge needs time to build up.

Barbie: If it doesn't work this time, how long till the next contraction?

Rebecca: It'll work. Trust me.

In Big Jim’s shelter.

Dodee: Last warning. It won't just be you who pays if you keep using the dome to make yourself king of Chester's Mill.

Big Jim: Who you talking about?

Dodee: Sins of the father, Jimmy, are always visited on the son.

Big Jim destroys the door, he’s free.

The dome contracts again. Norrie, Angie and Junior fall asleep.

At the magnet’s place people falls down, so Joe and Rebecca.

Rebecca: Joe!

Barbie: Joe! No!

James wakes up in Zenith. He takes a snow ball, it turns red, he lets it go. He sees a woman, he follows her.

Junior: Ma'am... Ma'am, please! Mom?

Pauline: James? Oh, my God. It is you.

Junior: Why-why-why did you leave me?

Pauline: No. No, baby, it was never you I left. Not ever, you're my sweet boy.

Junior: Not anymore.

Pauline: You can't fool me, James. You never could. You're my sweet, sweet boy.

At the center of the town.

Big Jim: Junior! Junior !Junior! Oh, God. Can you hear me? Junior? Hang on. Junior! Hang on!

At the magnet’s place.

Julia: Barbie? Barbie?!

They hugs and kiss.

Julia: I thought you were dead.

Barbie: Come on. You're not gonna get rid of me that easy.

Julia: I didn't believe.

Barbie: You didn't believe what?

Julia: That I was doing the right thing. That the dome would protect you.

Barbie: Babe, I don't think it was the dome that saved me.

Julia: Then how do you explain all this?

Barbie: Some people say it's from the magnetism, not 'cause the dome's angry.

Julia: Joe... He's barely breathing.

Barbie: The next wave, maybe that takes us out, too. And then... I-I don't know how to fix this.

At the center of the town.

Big Jim: Son, can you hear me? Hang on. Just hang on. Oh, God... Tell me what you want me to do! Tell me! Oh, who the hell am I talking to?

Linda: You can talk to me, Jim.

Big Jim: What the hell are you supposed to be? Ghost of Christmas Future?

Linda: The future depends on you.

Big Jim: Tell me how I can help him.

Linda: Come to me, Jim. Come to me.

Big Jim: Please, Linda. Please, tell me... Tell me what I can do.

Linda: Come. Tell Big Jim Rennie what to do? I wouldn't dare. Big Jim Rennie does as he pleases. Everything you do, you do it for your own good. Look at yourself. Look at your son. The only person left in this world you claim to care about… Time's running out, Jim. But it's not too late.

Big Jim: Not too late for what?

Linda: To learn the virtue of sacrifice… To save your son.

Big Jim climbs on the scaffold. He puts the rope around his neck.

Barbie: Jim! What the hell are you doing?

Big Jim: What the dome wants me to do. I can't pull the damn lever. Either of you want the honours?

Julia: I'll do it.

Barbie: No... Julia. Hey. Hey, you don't have to do this.

Julia joins Big Jim.

Julia: Why now?

Big Jim: Why does it matter? Just pull the damn lever. Do it. Do it. Do it now. Do it!

Julia: No! I can't do what you do.

Big Jim: Coward.

Big hits the trapdoor, it’s opens. Julia cuts the rope.

Big Jim: What...?

Julia: The dome didn't want us to kill you. It wants us to end the killing.

The people wakes up. The magnetism stops.

The girl is with Julia’s body.

Girl: Sorry.

The citizen destroys the scaffold.

Barbie: It's hard to believe a couple hours ago, they were all out cold.

Julia: And a few hours before that, they were out for your blood. It's easier than I thought to get there.

Barbie: You know, letting Big Jim live was the right thing to do.

Julia: For today. Lucky for me, he felt the same about you.

Barbie: Lucky for both of us.

Rebecca: You went from grand theft auto to a gold star, Mr. Barbara.

Barbie: Ah, I was just doing what the teacher told me. Um... Rebecca here is the one who came up with the way to repel the dome's magnetic pulses.

Rebecca: And he did most of the heavy lifting. I-I tried to get a read on the rig, but my magnetometer's blown. Really wish I'd been conscious to see the tower work.

Julia: Uh, you think that's what stopped the surges? And cleared the dome?

Rebecca: What else could it have been?

Julia: Something bigger than us.

At the Sweetbriar.

Stephen: Refill, Ange? Thanks, hon.

Angie: Mm-hmm.

In the kitchen.

Phil: Barbie deserved to swing, and you let him go. What the hell, Jim?

Big Jim: Phil, we got caught up looking for scapegoats. But we were wrong. And the dome told us so. Barbie's innocent. I'm gonna make sure the good people of this town know it. Just be grateful we got out of this thing alive.

Phil: Not all of us.

Big Jim: We'll have to carry on the good work of those we lost. What do you say, Phil? Can I count on you?

Phil is the new sheriff.

In the diner room.

Big Jim: Heard you kids helped out over at the fire tower today. I wanted to, uh, I wanted to thank you for pitching in.

Joe: It was Ms. Pine's idea.

Norrie: Whatever works.

Big Jim: I also heard you lost your house. I wanted to let you know that my home is your home. It might get a little cozy, but, uh...

Norrie: Wait, what? Come live with you?

Big Jim: Well, at least it's a, uh, it's a roof over your heads.

Carolyn: Well, that's really generous of you, Jim. Thank you.

Big Jim: Just make yourselves at home. See you at supper.

Norrie: That magnet mess with your brain?

Carolyn: You keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trust me, Eleanor. My brain's fine.


Rebecca: Uh, uh, Mr. Rennie?

Big Jim: Hi. Um, do you have a second? As many as you like, Ms. Pine. My, uh, wife always said you were her best student.

Rebecca: Uh, today I learned why. The fire tower magnet got us through the day. But I'm not gonna sleep tonight. Neither should you.

Big Jim: Yeah, I think both of us need some sleep tonight.

Rebecca: Those surges fried most of our power sources. Who knows what other damage they've caused? I've got to survey our water supply, determine how to find another source of power...

Big Jim: Look, uh, sunrise, new eyes. What do you say we figure this out over breakfast tomorrow morning?

Rebecca: All right.

Big Jim: Yeah. Great.


Angie: Coffee?

Big Jim: Thanks.

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Big Jim: I think I'll, uh, I'll just go sit down.

Angie: You know, it was a good thing that I wasn't up on those gallows with you. 'Cause I'd have kicked out that trap door and danced while you hung at the end of the rope.

Big Jim: Listen, Angie. This all happened for a...

Angie: No, get off of me!

Big Jim: I'm sorry.

Angie: Go to hell.


Junior: What was that?

Angie: You had my back today. Do you still have it?

Junior: Of course I do.

Sam enters.

Angie: Who's that?

Junior: My uncle.

Sam: Kid. You got big.

Junior: You want to sit down?

Sam: No, thanks. I'm looking for someone. She's about 17. Long dark hair, tall?

Angie: Yeah, that sounds like a girl I saw down the street earlier. But I didn't recognize her.

Sam: Which way did she go?

Angie: Toward the old Food Mart.

Junior: Y-You want some help?

Sam: I got it. I'll see you, Junior.

Barbie parks his car.

Julia: Barbie, pull over. I'll be right back. Sam?

Sam: Hey.

Julia: How's the girl?

Sam: She's gone. I searched the woods around my cabin. I've been looking all over town.

Julia: She was in bad shape.

Sam: I know, I'm sorry.

Julia: Well, she couldn't have gone far, we'll find her.

Sam: You look flushed. You okay?

Julia: Yeah, I'm fine.

Barbie: Everything all right over here?

Julia: Barbie, this is Sam Verdreaux. Sam, Dale Barbara.

Sam: Nice work on those stitches. Glad to see that you made it. You take good care.

Junior and Big Jim watch Sam, Barbie and Julia through a Sweetbriar’s window.

Junior: Last time I saw Sam was Mom's funeral. Showing up just the way he did now.

Big Jim: Well, you never can tell with him. Sam's been out of his head for quite a while now.

Junior: I don't think it's a coincidence. When I passed out earlier...

Big Jim: S-Son? What happened today. I'm sorry I dismissed what you had to say. Maybe you're right.

Junior: About the dome?

Big Jim: Yes.

Junior: Then listen to me. When I passed out earlier, it was like I went somewhere. And I saw Mom. She talked to me. And then my Uncle Sam comes walking through the front door?

Big Jim: We all saw things today. Just because you dreamed about your mom doesn't mean she's alive.

Junior: No, no. This wasn't a dream. This was real.

Big Jim: Junior...

Junior: Don't call me that! My name is James.

Junior leaves.

Pauline’s apartment

Pauline: James.

Pauline is painting.

Journalist: Breaking news on the mysterious dome that descended over the town of Chester's Mill. There has still been no official statement on reported abnormal magnetic activity, or why the temporarily opaque dome suddenly cleared. The world remains fascinated by the dome and concerned for those still trapped inside.

Angie throws out the garbage, she sees the girl.

Angie: Hello?

Angie follows the girl to the school.

Angie: Are you okay?

The girl runs away.

Angie: No, no, no. No! I'm not gonna hurt you!

Angie watches in the locker and someone kills her.

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Calendrier et sondage vous attendent sur Kaamelott

teddymatt, Hier à 21:38

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