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#206 : Le tunnel


Résumé: Lorsque que Sam et Barbie décident d'explorés un tunnel afin de savoir ou il conduit, un éboulement bloque la sortie. Entre temps, Julia et Big Jim se battent pour savoir qui doit diriger la ville alors que des tornades ravagent la ville.


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In The Dark

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Le tunnel

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Scénario :  Caitlin Parrish
Réalisation :  Jack Bender

Guest stars

  • Dale Raoul : Andrea
  • John Elvis : Ben Drake

Junior goes down into the tunnel.

Rebecca: What do you see?

Junior: Basement. Didn't know it was even under the school.

Sam: Any sign of Lyle?

Junior: There's footprints. They're heading up into this tunnel.

Sam: Be careful.

Rebecca: Barbie's sheriff now, maybe...

Junior: Lyle killed Angie. I tracked him down here. I'm doing this.

Sam: Not alone.

Sam goes down too.

Rebecca: Please come back. Lyle's dangerous.

Junior: Not for long.

At the Sweetbriar.

Barbie: Hey. I need to borrow your prius.

Julia: You going looking for Lyle?

Barbie: Yeah. Well, as long as he's out there on the loose, he's my problem. I'm not gonna sleep tonight unless I do a few more sweeps.

Julia: Being sheriff already looks good on you.

Barbie: Also, if you talk to Sam, get ahold of me on the walkie, 'cause I want to question him, too.

Julia: About Melanie?

Barbie: Melanie, Angie, what he's been doing all day. I'm not pointing any fingers. I'm just trying to explore all the options.

Julia: Be careful.

Julia goes to speak to Melanie.

Julia: I thought you were with Joe and Norrie.

Melanie: They went home. They're mad at me. I did something stupid.

Julia: You want to tell me what?

Melanie: I kissed Joe… I know. I just wanted to feel normal for a minute.

Julia: Melanie, you are normal.

Melanie: I died. Nothing about me is normal. Why am I even here? Because I'm connected to some egg? And no one even knows where it is.

Julia: Actually, I do. I dropped it in the lake a few minutes before I found you.

Melanie: Why'd you do that?

Julia: Because the dome wanted me to. It chose me. And I think it brought you back for a reason.

Melanie: What reason?

Julia: I don't know.

At Big Jim’s house.

Joe: It was only one kiss! I'm sorry!

Norrie: But it's not just that you kissed her! Ever since Melanie got here, everything's been about her! It's like there's no us anymore.

Joe: But there is! I love you, Norrie.

Norrie: Too bad. I don't love you.

Joe takes his stuff and decides to leaves.

Norrie: What are you doing?

Joe: Why should I stay here then? Big Jim's not my family. Or Carolyn. If you don't love me, then why would you want me around here, right? Right.

At the Sweetbriar.

Big Jim: It's a good feeling, isn't it? Doing right by the town. I love that feeling.

Julia: You've had it so rarely.

Big Jim: Yeah, well, you'll disappoint them soon enough.

Julia: You trying to rattle me, Jim?

Big Jim: Just don't want you to feel too good about yourself. You and I both know whose town this is.

Julia: It's not yours. It's not mine. And the first thing I'm gonna do is give it back to them.

Big Jim: "Give it back to them"?

Julia: Voting. These people are entitled to a say in what happens to them.

Big Jim: That's interesting. You're gonna put a town on the brink in the hands of scared, desperate people? Is there a brain under that hair? These people don't need to talk about their feelings. They need to be led.

Julia: I did you and Rebecca a favour by convincing "these people" not to string you two up. Don't test my patience.

Big Jim: The only reason this town didn't riot is 'cause I took your hand. Half this town is mine. Don't you forget that.

Outside the Sweetbriar.

Big Jim: Hey, you hear what your girlfriend's doing? She's putting every major town decision to a vote. Let us twiddle our thumbs while Rome burns.

Barbie: Last I heard, voting was a right.

Big Jim: Yeah, well, tell her it's a bad idea. She won't listen to me.

Barbie: That's a wise woman.

Big Jim: Look, Barbie. You and I have been on the same side when it counts.

Barbie: Hey, Jim, who told Julia that I was in on this whole extermination plan? See, every time I've given you the benefit of the doubt, it bites me in the ass. Now, I'm not gonna cross Julia. And if you try to, I'm not gonna be as forgiving as she is.

Rebecca: Barbie, you there? Barbie?

Barbie: Yeah, go ahead, Rebecca.

Rebecca: I'm at the high school. Sam and Junior are tracking Lyle. You'd better get here.

Barbie: On my way.

Barbie drives away. The wind starts to blow.

Into the tunnels.

Junior: Lyle had to bust out the back of the locker to get down here.

Sam: We must be a half a mile in by now.

Junior: You want to go back, go back. I don't need your help shooting him.

Sam: Look, Junior, I know you loved Angie, but killing someone is no small thing.

Junior: You've done that?

Sam: Of course not.

Junior: Clint Dundee put his hands all over Angie. I hunted him down and shot him in the heart. I appreciate you looking after me, but Lyle's dying today.

Barbie joins Sam and Junior.

Barbie: A little jumpy. Now, you want to stop pointing that thing at me, Junior? Sam. Been awhile. People looking for you.

Sam: Yeah, I've been busy. I'm not gonna let Junior hunt for a lunatic by himself.

Junior: I'm moving on.

Barbie: You go on ahead. I'm just gonna hang back. You know, make sure no one else sneaks up on us.

They move.

Junior: My mom's journal.

Barbie: Junior, stop!

Junior trigs a trap. Barbie rescues Junior.

Sam: Barbie! Watch out!

Then Sam rescues Barbie. The way is blocked.

Into the tunnels.

Barbie: Sam, you okay?

Sam: Oh! Bashed up, but all right.

Barbie: Junior! Junior, you okay?!

Junior: Stay there! I'll get some help!

Barbie: God...

Sam: Your head's bleeding.

Barbie: It could've been worse… Thanks for the push.

Sam: Yeah. I think Lyle did this.

Barbie: The town barber makes bombs?

Sam: He's always been a crafty guy. And he's gone crazier than a rat in a jar since the dome came down.

Barbie: He's smart enough to bait the trap with the journal… Well, we're not getting out the way we came. Guess we'll try that way.

Sam: After you.

Rebecca heals Junior.

Rebecca: Just-just stay still, okay? There you go.

Big Jim: You thought it was a good idea to go down there with that drunk?

Junior: He's done more for me than you ever did. What are you even doing here? Nobody called you.

Big Jim: I don't need your permission to go here or anywhere else.

Rebecca: Jim, give it a rest, okay? I'm trying to bandage your son.

Julia: What happened? I heard you radio Barbie. Where is he?

Junior: Sam and I were tracking down Lyle. Barbie came after us, and then all of a sudden, I tripped on something and then there was a cave-in.

Julia: You went through this locker? Where are they? Are they all right?!

Junior: I don't know. There's a bunch of rocks and stuff blocking them in.

Julia: We have to get them out of there.

Big Jim: In case you have noticed, we've got bigger problems than those two.

The is a sandstorm outside.

Rebecca: The acidity in the red rain must have fried the topsoil.

Big Jim: Yeah, well, it's blowing around everywhere and coating everything, including the inside of the dome.

Rebecca: Which is semi-permeable. If the dome walls get clogged, no air's gonna be able to get in.

Big Jim: And then we suffocate. All of us.

Julia: How long until that happens?

Rebecca: There are steps we can take, okay? Mist dispersal. Get water into the air as quickly as possible to ground the dust. Fire hose, fan, uh, a giant windmill, maybe. I had the kids working on some, but I had to put it on the back burner. We still have all the materials, though.

Big Jim: At least your idea is doing more than Julia's to help.

Julia: You just want to see Barbie and Sam dead.

Big Jim: So, I guess it's up to me, then, huh?

Julia, Rebecca, Junior and Melanie are looking for shovels.

Rebecca: You know, they could be in part of the old cement factory. We find a map of the tunnel system, we might find another way in.

Julia: Can you find one?

Rebecca: Yeah, sure.

Junior: Lyle might have already gotten out. There's no way of knowing if he's down there anymore.

Julia: Better he's out here than hunting Barbie and Sam down there.

Junior: Yeah, but if he's back up here, he's just as dangerous.

In the stairs.

Junior: Sam and I found out that Lyle wasn't just after Angie. He's after the four hands.

Julia: How does he know about the hands?

Junior: My mom drew a picture of us holding up the dome way back when. Now, Lyle thinks that if we're dead, the rapture comes.

Julia: So, he wanted to kill you, too?

Junior: Yeah. He knew I'd follow him. I'm pretty sure that bomb down there was meant for me.

Julia: We need to make sure Joe and Norrie are safe.

Junior: I'll do that.

Julia: Be careful.

Melanie: I'll go with him.

Julia: Melanie, I don't... They're my friends, too. I'm going.

Junior: I'll make sure she's safe, I promise.

Into the tunnels.

Barbie: So, you known Lyle all your life, right?

Sam: Yeah, we were friends growing up.

Barbie: You hear or seen anything recently makes you think he may have killed Angie?

Sam: I haven't seen him in years. But between kidnapping Rebecca, clocking Junior and all that... Makes sense.

Barbie: So, then, why'd you guys stop being friends? Something happen?

Sam: Nope. Sometimes people just grow apart.

The tunnel is separated in two part.

Barbie: You got a preference?

Sam: You go left, I got right, we cover more ground?

Barbie: You tired of me already?

Sam: I'm tired of you eyeing me for no reason, yeah.

Junior drives.

Junior: You're awfully quiet.

Melanie: I'm scared. Aren't you?

Junior: It's okay. You heard what I told Julia. I promise I'd keep you safe.

Melanie: You look so much like Sam when he was younger.

Junior: Melanie, what the hell is going on with you?

Melanie: I have to tell you something... Crazy. I think... Lyle's who killed me.

At the Sweetbriar.

Big Jim: Come on, come on! Get inside. Come on, everyone, get inside! The dome's walls are already plugging up. No air's gonna be able to get through. And if we don't act now, we're all gonna choke to death… The air is too hot and dry. But I know that if we work together, we can make this plan happen. We can make a windmill like Rebecca Pine's class was building. And we can use it to fan water through the air and that'll...

Andrea: And what's in the water, Jim? Another virus?

Big Jim: Do you think I made that decision lightly? I put my own life at risk. My son's life at risk. I'm just trying like hell to get us through this thing somehow.

Andrea: What's Julia say about this windmill?

Big Jim: Well, I don't know 'cause Julia's not here. I am. But I guess I'm not supposed to give orders anymore. That's apparently not my place. So, let's do it democratically. All those in favour of the mist dispersal system, doing something instead of nothing, raise your hand.

Andrea: Everyone in favour of Jim shutting up while we wait the storm out?

Big Jim: Great.

Ben wants to leaves.

Big Jim: Where you going?

Ben: Neither wind nor rain nor creepy-ass dust.

At Big Jim’s house.

Junior: Joe! Norrie! Joe?

Melanie: Pauline did that. Didn't she?

Junior: Yeah. It's so strange to think you were alive all those years ago. And that you knew my mom when she was a girl.

Melanie: She was the first friend I made when I moved here.

Junior: What was she like?

Melanie: Cheerful. Really brave… I'm sorry she died so unhappy. I should've been here. For her.

Junior: It's not like you could help it. Can you keep a secret?

Melanie: Yes.

Norrie: Do you hit on literally everyone?

Melanie: I wasn't...

Norrie: Don't answer. It was rhetorical.

Junior: Norrie, why are you crying? Where's Joe?

Norrie: Gone.

Melanie: Gone where?

Norrie: I don't know! Are you happy?

Junior: Norrie, Lyle's on the loose and he's coming after the four hands. We have to find Joe before he does.

Norrie: And we're just standing here?!

Into the tunnels.

Sam: Hey! Sorry, I thought you were Lyle.

Barbie: Oh, yeah? I thought we were trying to cover more ground.

Sam: We are.

Barbie: But then you double back and you follow me?

Sam: What are you talking about? I went right. How did you get in front of me?

Barbie: I-I-I went left. Let's keep going. Maybe you can put my mind at ease about something.

Sam: What's up?

Barbie: Where were you the night that Angie McAlister died?

Sam: Are you kidding me?

Barbie: Hey, just answer my question.

Sam: I was looking for Melanie.

Barbie: See, that's funny. Because I haven't seen you all day, when we just found out that her name was Melanie yesterday.

Sam: Junior told me.

Barbie: No, he didn't. You knew her 25 years ago. And you've known who she is since Julia rescued her from the lake, only you didn't say a word to anyone. Why didn't you say anything, Sam?

Sam: About Melanie being back from the dead? You tell me how start that conversation…

Barbie: All right, you know what? Would you just answer the question that you keep dodging? Where...?

Barbie falls off a cliff. Sam holds him back. He helps him up .

Sam: You gonna say thank you?

Barbie: That Lyle's?

Sam: Has to be… You think he went out this way?

Barbie: I think you go out that way, you go out forever.

Joe is at Angie’s apartment.

Norrie: Joe, are you in here?!

Norrie, Junior and Melanie enter.

Norrie: Oh, thank God! You idiot!

Melanie: We were worried about you. We looked all over.

Joe: I can take care of myself.

Junior: Not with Lyle wanting to kill us. He wants the four hands dead. That's why he killed Angie.

Joe: That's the reason? Maybe I should thank him then.

Norrie: What?

Joe: Angie's out now. Maybe that's the only way any of us are gonna get out.

Melanie: It didn't work for me. I died. I came back.

Joe: Will she?

Melanie: It took awhile for me. I think the dome choose all of us for something. And now we have to deal with it. We need to figure it out together.

Junior: I'm sorry, Melanie. I think we need to stay put. Angie would want me to keep you all safe.

Norrie: No. Angie would've wanted answers.

Joe: She wouldn't have stopped till she got them.

Melanie: Junior, we have to do this. I would rather risk dying again than not knowing why I'm here any longer.

Junior: Do you have any idea where to start?

Melanie: The lake. We start there.

Near the cliff.

Sam: You think Lyle jumped?

Barbie: Well, he sure as hell didn't climb down. Hey, you know what? Maybe he went right back there. Got out that way.

Sam: I told you, I went right... It brought me back to you.

Barbie casts a rock.

Sam: I didn't hear it hit anything.

Barbie: This thing must be deep as hell. Something's off here.

Sam: Understatement.

Barbie: I mean, given how far we just walked, we should've hit the dome wall by now.

Sam: Maybe the dome doesn't come down this far?

Barbie: Except that everything we know about it says that it does. You're sure you went right back there?

Sam: Hey, you know what, man? I'm sick of you calling me a liar. Who the hell knows your story anyway? You show up the day the dome does. No one knows where you came from and you don't say.

Barbie: Well, shouldn't you be telling me what's going on? 'Cause you've known about the egg since 1988 when you and Melanie, Lyle, Pauline, when you all found it?

Sam: You know more than you're saying.

Barbie: Well, that makes two of us.

At school.

Julia: Did you find the cement factory maps?

Rebecca: Just grabbed everything and brought them. This is almost as bad as outside. Honestly, Julia, the storm is more my area.

Julia: Oh, yes, all science is your area.

Rebecca: I'm a teacher in Chester's Mill. I'm not an engineer for lockheed. I am all too aware of my limits.

Julia: And I know what kind of damage you're capable of.

Rebecca: You don't trust me?

Julia: I forgave you.

Rebecca: That's not the same thing.

Julia: Here we go. Except this says the cement factory never extended under the school. Nowhere even in the vicinity.

Rebecca: So, who the hell went into the school basement and dug a tunnel? And why?

Julia: All that matters right now is there's no other way down there. And no way to rescue Barbie and Sam that we know of.

Rebecca: Unless we blast the blockage.

Julia: And if they're pinned by debris? They get blasted, too?

Rebecca: Junior said he yelled at them. We can tell them not to stand next to the thing we're gonna blow up… You got a better idea?

Ben goes back to the Sweetbriar.

Big Jim: Ben! Sit down!

Andrea: Benny! What is it, hon?

Big Jim: He can't breathe!

Andrea: Oh, here! Water.

Big Jim: Water's not gonna help him. He needs his inhaler.

Andrea: Oh, it's okay, honey. You gonna be okay.

Big Jim: There you go. Here.

Andrea: There you go. There you go.

Big Jim: Outside's not getting any better, folks. Pretty soon, none of us are gonna be able to breathe. Anybody want to put it to another vote?

Ben: I'm down.

Near the cliff.

Sam: This is about Julia, isn't it? All this suspicious crap. If it makes you feel any better, nothing happened.

Barbie: Yeah, you're right about one thing. I can't stand you hanging around Julia 'cause I think you're shady as hell. But right now, we're both stuck on some cliff, so how about you shut up and let me think about that?

Sam: How the hell could we be past the dome wall?

Barbie: How can I go left and you go right, somehow we both end up in the same place? It's like something wanted us to end up here.

Sam: Is this how it's finally gonna do me in, by driving me out of my mind? The only thing this damn dome's ever done is bring pain! I thought I was crazy when I first saw Melanie back at the lake. I just kept thinking there's no way it could be the same girl. Except it is.

Barbie: What happened the night that she died, Sam?

Sam: None of your business.

Barbie: Well, you can tell me here or you can tell me in jail after I've hauled you out of here by your throat. Only reason I can think of as to why you'd hide it... You killed Melanie.

Sam: Don't tell me what I did! I loved her!

Barbie: Well, then, you tell me what you did!

Sam: You want to know? The night we found the meteorite, none of us could believe it. And then we found the egg inside.

Barbie: Melanie said everybody was scared of it except her.

Sam: We all thought it was dangerous! I just wanted to leave it the hell alone! But Melanie decided that it needed to be protected. That it was alive somehow. And scared.

Barbie: How did she end up dead?

Sam: The egg started screaming. Pauline grabbed her head and said, "it's killing me." Lyle flipped. Said, "we got to help Pauline" I tried to get the egg, but Melanie wouldn't let it go. Lyle went after her. I let him. He pushed her, and she fell into the crater. Her head hit the meteorite. We panicked. Pauline begged me to help Lyle. I did. I left the love of my life in a hole, like garbage. And now she's back.

The citizen built a windmill.

Big Jim: All right, let's hoist it on three... One, two, three! Come on!

Into the tunnels.

Julia: Barbie? Can you hear me? Sam? Maybe they keep going. How many different ways do you know to kill someone?

Rebecca: It's how I apply it that counts. Whoa! Whoa.

Julia: Can you not blow us up before we save them?

Rebecca: Yeah, I'm trying.

Rebecca’s idea works, the sandstorm is stopping.

Into the tunnels.

Julia: What are you doing teaching high school?

Rebecca: You mean how'd I screw up my life?

Julia: That's not what I meant.

Rebecca: I was headed to Cornell before I came to Chester's Mill.

Julia: Why the change?

Rebecca: My dad got sick. I had to take care of him before he died… Can't be all that different from your story. You were a journalist, right?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: Was Chester's Mill your dream job?

Julia: No, it wasn't.

Rebecca: See? Neither of us wanted to be here. But we are. It's not fate. We made choices and we ended up here. Maybe I could've helped a lot more people if I hadn't helped my dad. But that wasn't gonna happen. So, you and me are stuck doing this.

Julia: Why'd you work with Jim?

Rebecca: Because I thought his heart was in the right place. I was wrong about that. I don't think I'm wrong about you. Careful.

On the lake.

Joe: The dust cleared out.

Norrie: Yeah. So, what now? It's been hours.

Melanie: The egg knows we're here. I can feel it. It's like it's waiting.

Joe: All I know, this egg isn't showing itself. Even with all of us here.

Melanie: Maybe we have to do something together.

Junior: Like what?

Norrie: Like when Angie was here, and we all touched the mini-dome? Melanie was one of the original four hands. Maybe she still counts.

Joe: So Angie's replaceable?!

Melanie: No one's replacing your sister. But Norrie's right.

Junior: I don't hear any other ideas.

The egg stats to glow.

Melanie: It's working!

Near the cliff.

Sam: So, why's Melanie back now? To haunt me? To bring everyone more pain?

Barbie: It's not all pain under this thing.

Sam: The hell it's not. Every day is a new nightmare. Dome's a slow execution for everyone in here. You of all people should know that.

Barbie: Yeah, but I deal with it. You look for what makes... What makes going on worth it. Take Julia. Being with her, that's... It's a chance for me to be good. The dome scares me, too, but... It's not all pain.

Sam: Sometimes I see Melanie's face in the dark... With the blood starting to pour out. If I could change one thing in my life, that'd be it.

Barbie: Yeah, I know how you feel.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Who'd you kill?

Barbie: A lot of people... Given the way things are going... I know it's gonna happen again… I mean, I don't want that, but... Sometimes you see their faces... You wonder...

Sam: Are they gonna be waiting for you on the other side?

Barbie: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah. The other day, I found her waiting for me on this side. What the hell can I say to her?

Barbie: We get out of here, maybe you can give it a try. I know Melanie just wants answers more than anything. As far as what happened between you two 25 years ago, you know, that's between you and her.

Sam: Thank you.

Barbie: Thanks for not letting me fall.

Barbie sees the scratches on Sam’s shoulder.

Barbie: Hey, those aren't from rocks.

Sam: Hey!

Barbie: Where'd you get those scratches, Sam?

Into the tunnels.

Rebecca: Put that there. And this one will fit right here. And I connect the fuse.

Julia: Thank God for the department of roads and repair.

Rebecca: You praying?

Julia: No. But I hope to God this works. Barbie! Sam! If you can hear me, get way, way back!

Rebecca: Okay. Let's do this. Back to the entrance, right.

Julia: Okay.

Near the cliff.

Barbie: Those are defensive wounds. From fingernails.

Sam: You're kidding, right?

Barbie: Angie was a fighter. She got a piece of whoever tried to kill her. The skin under her fingernails showed that.

Sam: Barbie...

Barbie: You killed her, Sam. Not Lyle. You. And everything that you've done has been to put the blame back on to him.

Sam: The guy's a maniac! You saw what he did to Rebecca! And he attacked my nephew!

Barbie: You killed a 19-year-old girl that your nephew loved!

Sam: I had to! Everything Pauline put in her journal has come true. It says in here that if those four kids die, the dome comes down! It's a sacrifice I have to make to save everyone!

Barbie: You would even kill Junior?

Sam: At some point I'll have to! I'll finish it, and I'll finally be free! Then I will kill myself. Or you can kill me. Hell, I'll thank you for it. You will never see my face in the dark. I swear.

Barbie: You're not even gonna touch those kids. I'm taking you in. And your justice is gonna be whatever Junior does to you once he finds out.

At Angie’s apartment.

Norrie: She's not so bad.

Joe: Now you believe her?

Norrie: Yes. I'm sorry.

Joe: For what?

Norrie: For not giving you a break like you gave me after my mom died.

Joe: I'm sorry I ever made you feel like I didn't love you.

Norrie: I love you, too.

Junior: Okay, everything's locked up.

Norrie: Do you think Lyle's following us?

Junior: I don't know. I'm just being careful. You guys ready?

Melanie: Let's find out.

They touch the egg.

Norrie: Pink stars. Like we saw before.

Pink stars draw a tower.

Junior: I saw that in my dream.

Melanie: I've seen it, too. Years ago. It's in my hometown. Zenith.

Joe: Yeah, but what does it mean?

At school.

Julia: It's just a reasonable explosion. They're smart guys, right? They'll know to put some space between them and the blockage.

Rebecca: They won't be hurt… You ready?

Julia: I trust you.

Rebecca lights the fuse. There is a blow up, Barbie and Sam feel is.

Barbie: Hey. What are you doing?

Sam: You'll never let me finish what I have to, so it's on you now.

Barbie: I don't care if you live or die. But if you got any sense of right and wrong left, you're gonna look Junior in the face and tell him what you did.

Sam: Take it. When the time comes, you'll need it.

Barbie: You owe Junior the truth!

Sam: You'll see. It's all pain. When you watch enough people die, when you watch Julia die, you will put the knife to those kids yourself! I'm so tired, Barbie.

Barbie: Sam. Sam!

Sam jumps.

Into the tunnels.

Julia: No sign of Barbie or Sam. They've got to be in here somewhere.

Rebecca: Julia!

At the Sweetbriar.

Andrea: Did a good thing today, Jim.

Big Jim: Well, honestly, it's a relief just to lend a hand. I think we all have something to be proud of today, right?

Andrea: The real question is where's Julia been all day?

Big Jim: Well, I heard that Barbie got into some kind of trouble over at the high school. She decided to help him instead of pitching in with us.

Andrea: Well, you don't say?

Big Jim: I guess, sometimes love wins out over doing your job.

Near the cliff.

Julia: Barbie! Thank God! Oh, you're okay.

Barbie: Yeah.

Julia: Where's Sam?

Barbie: He's gone.

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Aujourd'hui, 16 Novembre 2020, Marg Helgenberger fête ses 62 ans. L'interprète de Christine...

Adaptation d'une nouvelle de Stephen King par Netflix

Adaptation d'une nouvelle de Stephen King par Netflix
La plateforme Netflix va adapter la nouvelle Mr. Harrigans Phone de Stephen King, issue du reccueil...

[Rachelle Lefevre] The Sounds arrive cet automne

[Rachelle Lefevre] The Sounds arrive cet automne
C'est cet automne, à CBC que devrait débuter la diffusion de la série The Sounds, série dans...

Gagnez le hors-série LiRE consacré à Stephen King !

Gagnez le hors-série LiRE consacré à Stephen King !
Fans de la série Under the Dome ? Ne manquez pas l'opportunité de gagner le hors-série du magazine...

Calendrier | Octobre 2019

Calendrier | Octobre 2019
Dans le cadre de l'animation «À ton clavier», un calendrier aux couleurs automnales a été créé pour...


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Locksley, Avant-hier à 19:36

Le quartier Elite vient d'ouvrir ses portes ! Bonne inauguration à sabby et Linstead et bonne visite à tous !

sabby, Avant-hier à 19:42

Effectivement les portes de Las Encinas sont désormais ouvertes !!! Entrez avec nous dans l'Elite espagnole

Linstead77, Avant-hier à 19:43

Merci Lock, on vous attend avec impatience sur le quartier, une animation et d'autres petits jeux sont en place !

Emilie1905, Hier à 11:52

Plus que quelques heures pour vous inscrire à l'HypnoGame de ce soir! Alors, équipe Spoiler ou Teaser ?

mnoandco, Hier à 12:41

A Discovery Of Witches aurait besoin d'un coup de baguette magique pour sa "Chasse aux Sorcières !". La reconnaitrez-vous?

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